The Last Of Us 2 Combat Changes How NPCs React, Adds Dogs, New Infected

Naughty Dog is really upping the ante in The Last Of Us 2 combat, according to a recent interview with studio head Neil Druckmann. According to him, there’s a lot of new ways that players will be experiencing combat when the game releases on February 21, ranging from new enemies to how they react to your actions.

To start off with, players will be dealing with at least one new type of infected. While we got plenty of exposure to them in the original game, with Runners, Stalkers, Clickers, and Bloaters all periodically being obstacles to Ellie and Joel, there’s now a fifth variant: the Shambler.

The Shambler is much like the Bloater in that it has a lot of strength and durability. However, it will also be spraying noxious fumes that will prevent Ellie from seeing clearly, and can also conceal other infected in its clouds. On death, they also explode.

However, new infected enemies won’t be the only changes to The Last Of Us 2 combat. Players will also now be contending with dogs as enemies, which Druckmann said was specifically to make players feel bad as they hear their dying whines, like many players do when they kill an animal rather than a human. However, since they can still smell you out, you shouldn’t hesitate.

However, human enemies have also been deepened. Each one has been given a name (a big pain according to Druckmann) and their comrades will react to their deaths when Ellie kills them. A death might cause another enemy to go into a violent rage, becoming more unpredictable.

However, just because there are enemies to fight, doesn’t mean that you have to kill everything anymore. According to Druckmann, The Last Of Us 2 combat doesn’t necessarily mean you have to clear out every enemy. While you could be spotted and kill everyone around you in an area, that doesn’t mean you have to clear out the whole spot before you go back into stealth.

While combat is only one small part of The Last Of Us 2, it will still be an important one, so you’ll get to see everything Naughty Dog has worked on for it when the game releases on February 21 of 2020, exclusively for the Playstation 4.