Playstation 5 Preorders Go Live On A Netherlands Retailer

It isn’t even a week after the announcement that Sony’s next-generation console will be in stores next year that stores are already taking preorders. According to the latest news, a Netherlands retailer is already giving a sweet Playstation 5 preorder deal to fans. As a result, everyone starts wondering what is the story behind this move.

According to LetsgoDigital, a video game news outlet in the Netherlands, Game Mania, a known retailer brand in Belgium is taking Playstation 5 preorders in exchange for a small fee.

The idea is simple. You will have to visit one of the Game Mania stores and make a €50 deposit. This will make you eligible for one of the first Playstation 5 consoles in the country. When the console officially releases, that deposit will be reducted from the total payment for your new Playstation 5.

What’s more important is that the retailer offers inside information for the development of the console up until the point it releases. This means that users that deposit the sum in order to preorder a Playstation 5 will get to know about the possible variants of the console, its bundles and possibly, launch titles. When the time comes, you’ll be able to choose what edition you want, what color and more. However, if by the time the console launches you change your mind, the sum will be refunded.

If rumors are right and Playstation 5 will launch with two different editions, much like PS4 and PS4 Pro. If so, you’ll be able to choose between the two too. For now, we know little about the upcoming console. The next Playstation system will house an 8-core CPU and its dualshock controller will include haptic controls. Even though this is great news for Sony’s next-generation console, we don’t know enough yet.

A Sony employee confirmed that the company will be sharing more about Playstation 5 next year. This means we have to wait to finally see what the case and controllers look like.

It will be interesting to see if more retailers like Game Mania will offer Playstation 5 preorder deals. However, this raises the question of whether or not something like that is legitimate. Is Sony on par with the whole situation?

Playstation fans can expect to buy the console sometime during the 2020 holiday period, meaning sometime around the last quarter of the year. Before that happens, Sony will share more information about it like its look, price and launch titles.