Marvel’s Avengers Controls Revealed, Include Three Heroic Abilities

Interesting news about Marvel’s Avengers controls got unveiled via the demo control scheme for Playstation 4. As the spreadsheet details, the game will include 2 basic attacks as well as 4 special ones.

The news comes from New York Comic Con where the default configuration for the game’s controls has been spotted by a popular YouTuber, ELT Network. The Marvel’s Avengers controls scheme shows that it’s way more than what we could have asked. The abilities stretch to one light and one heavy melee power attack, evade and jump on the right axis. The top controller buttons are all used for special abilities, which will be different for each Avenger. Apart from aiming and defending yourself, you’ll be able to press buttons together to perform a powerful range attack and an ultimate heroic ability. In addition, assault and support heroics are all present, giving its combat system even more depth. Last but not least, similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man, hitting the Triangle and Cyrcle together will let your character do a finishing move.

The movement of the camera works in a fashion similar to most action games, with the left joystick for your movement and the right one used for camera adjusting. Pushing the left joy-con will let you sprint and the right one is used for tactical awareness. We expect the controls for Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox One and Google Stadia to be identical to those shown for Playstation 4.

Note that this is merely the default configuration for the controls. You might be able to change them to your liking when the game releases.

Marvel's Avengers Controls

Having each Avenger have 4 special abilities (or heroics if you prefer) makes Marvel’s Avengers more detailed than we expected at first. The fact that there will be a variety of different characters, each with its own set of abilities, you’ll be able to manipulate the roster on occasion. Some characters will be quicker with more powerful heroics while others will be heavier with more defensive skills.

It will be interesting to see how the builds will form in its online mode, where players will have to choose your character depending on the team. Given the fact that there are support skills, the game will include another layer of sportsmanship as players will have to choose roles instead of just their favorite character. At least, one defense character and one “assassin” of sorts will be present in most teams, especially on more difficult missions.

Apart from the controls, New York Comic Con holds even more news. Marvel’s Avengers won’t support local co-op play according to the latest confirmation. Online co-op gameplay will be available but if you’re not an online kind-of player, you’ll find yourself alone in the fray. One playthrough will take about 30 hours to complete everything and that’s only without the post-launch content.

Marvel’s Avengers will have six playable characters at launch, a roster that will increase over time. The same goes for their respective alternate costumes. Ms. Marvel is the latest playable character to join the roster. The game will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC on May 15, 2020.