Latest Vigor Patch 1.1 Include A New Map and Loot Rebalance

Vigor is getting more and more attention on Xbox One since the announcement that it is going free-to-play at Gamescom. Millions of players have joined the community since then, with the player base reaching a staggering 2.5 million count. As a result, Bohemia Interactive has released a new update with the patch notes for Vigor having new content and rebalance across the whole game.

For starters, a new map is now available in Vigor, under the name Brodalen Bridges. The map brings variety to the game, while it includes both close-quarter and long-distance battles due to its different areas. Apart from the new map though, new loot, weapons, and cosmetics have been released, keeping up the pace with the trends.

Making the game more stable, Bohemia Interactive has added loot and battle rebalance details to the Vigor patch notes. Below you can find all the changes in the new Vigor Update 1.1.

New Features:

New Map

  • Brodalen Bridges map added

Buried Cache

  • addition of a new game event: Buried Cache
  • pictures spawn at random locations in levels and will display the location of hidden treasure, players who manage to figure out the location of this buried cache will be rewarded with its contents

New Weapons

  •  MGV-176
  •  Combat Magnum
  •  SSG-82
  •  ZA M72

Weapon Changes

  • Tweaks to sway, spread, recoil.

Character Customization

  • new color variants of existing assets
  • New cosmetics


  • re-balanced challenge conditions
  • re-balanced challenge rewards

Loading Screen Hints

  • on the loading screen to shelter and levels are added text hints
  • they are randomly selected
  • hint changes after 7 seconds

Threat and TK distinction

  • addition of a new icon “Team Killer”
  • Improved visuals of the “Threat” icon
  • killing your teammate no longer marks you as “Threat” but now marks you as “Team Killer”
  • players marked as “Team killer” can no longer become a “Threat”
  • players marked as “Threat” can still be marked as “Team killer” upon team killing
  • Team kills no longer count towards kill progression in challenges
  • “Threat” and “Team Killer” status are now visible in spectator mode

Hit/near miss indicator changes

  • Changed frequency of miss/hit indicator changes

Shooting range refactor

  • new challenges for the new weapons of 1.1
  • Combat Magnum
  • SSG-82
  • ZA M72
  • fixed the glitch that allowed the same challenge to be active multiple times, which enabled players to get impossibly high scores
  • re balancing of challenges & challenge times
  • reset of challenge high scores

Camera and Movement Changes

  • Inventory Load
  • Machine Gun Stance

Loot rebalance

Store rarities simplification

Fixed: Unpenetrable bushes
Fixed: Wrong rotation on prone and sprinting
Fixed: Misplaced interaction on some door frames and objects

Fixed: Weapon preview is empty

Fixed: Shooting sounds and muzzle flash are not played on client
Fixed: Ability to change stance during digging
Fixed: Locked customization variants are visible/shown in the wardrobe

Fixed: – Rat Trap – The assets are invisible in the shelter
Fixed: Insurance markers are once again correctly displayed on all relevant items.
Fixed: Food is now insured.
Tweaked: Sway reduction across the board
Tweaked: 0.22 lowered damage
Tweaked: Combat Magnum – increased recoil, spread sequence and cooldown time
Tweaked: Combat Magnum, Makarov, Luger – reduced recoil
Tweaked: Knives – re-enabled KnifeADS
Tweaked: AUR – adjusted semi fire recoil, spread cooldown
Tweaked: G3 – spread cooldown, spread area, sequence
Tweaked: A74-K   – spread cooldown, spread area, sequence
Tweaked: Vz. 58 P  – spread cooldown, spread area, sequence
Tweaked: PA md. 86  – spread cooldown, spread area, sequence
Tweaked: M1 carbine –  adjusted recoil sequence
Tweaked: Suomi KP/-31 – nerfed
Tweaked: PM-63 RAK, Skorpion – reduced semi recoil
Tweaked: Gal – Spread increased

Tweaked: loot containers content

Tweaked: Leap of faith now possible

Changed: gesture wheel on Customization > Gestures enlarged so long names fit better
Changed: edited icons for heavy machine guns, not all require crouch/prone to ADS

Note that Vigor is available only on Xbox One with no plans of it coming to PC anytime soon. With its player base reaching numbers that we didn’t think were possible for Microsoft’s console, we are reminded of the idea of how Xbox One isn’t forgotten and developers still put their trust in it.