Isles Of Adalar Aspires To Be Your RPG Modding Haven

Isles of Adalar promises the kind of modding support that every modder (and player) dreams these days for a fantasy role-playing game.

Rather than limit the modding capabilities to just cosmetics or minor effects, something that most developers often get away with, Peakway Software tore open the floodgates. Isles of Adalar will come packing an integrated level editor from the get-go that basically allows you to create your own role-playing game.

While speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, studio co-founder James Misciagno revealed that the modding tools bundled together are the same ones the developer used to create Isles of Adalar. Hence, players will have all the control that they need, limited to just their own imagination.

In other words, modders will not only be able to mod existing content but also be able to create new content altogether. You will be able to create non-playable characters (friend and foe) and set their appearances, movement paths, combat decisions, dialogue trees, and other behavioral options. The same customization depth extends to the environment as well, allowing you to not only edit already available areas but create new islands if the need be, complete with their own fast-travel and loading points.

Isles of Adalar is exactly how it’s described, one part role-playing game and one part role-playing game maker. The modding freedom can be compared to the likes of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and for good reason.

The open-world of Isles of Adalar was actually inspired by the open-worlds of Bethesda Softworks, mainly by The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and Fallout: New Vegas. Hence, it’s only fitting that Peakway Software wants to see Isles of Adalar with a modding database the size of what Skyrim has today.

Misciagno also noted that just because you can create your own game in Isles of Adalar, it doesn’t mean that the base content isn’t fulfilling. The single-player campaign, which supports co-op as well, will have a telling tale and enjoyable experiences.

Isles of Adalar is currently slated for a release on PC in July 2020. The game will only be available on Steam due to technical reasons, mainly Steam Matchmaking and Steam Workshop. You can go ahead and add Isles of Adalar to your wishlist since pre-orders have not yet started. The final price point will be $30, which will give players a good amount of bang for their buck.