Isles Of Adalar’s Hybrid Dialogues Were Inspired By Morrowind And New Vegas

Peakway Software hosted some of the mightiest heavyweights from history when it came to designing an open world for Isles of Adalar.

While speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, studio co-founder James Misciagno revealed that the upcoming fantasy role-playing game was mainly inspired by The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and Fallout: New Vegas.

The style with which Bethesda Softworks designed both open worlds was something that Peakway Software readily agreed upon. Hence, those familiar with the two critically acclaimed installments will immediately find themselves at home in Isles of Adalar. That being said, certain changes had to be made in order to tailor the Bethesda-signatured formula.

Misciagno pointed out the dialogue system as an example. In a bid to have flexible conversations, Peakway Software broke down every dialogue tree into a hybrid between voice and text. The voice lines are designed to give a general context to the mood and response of the non-playable characters. The text then offers more details (and clues) for a better grasp of the situation.

This will allow both us and modders to have in depth and flexible dialogue trees via text but still get some voice feedback. For example let’s say the player tries to intimidate a bandit leader but isn’t a high enough level, the voice line may be “I won’t stand for this!” but then the text will be more detailed and context specific.

Misciagno also expressed great admiration for Divinity: Original Sin 2. In fact, the developer is hoping to learn from the Larian Studios-sequel to further enhance the open world of Isles of Adalar. With several more months to go before release, could Peakway Software be considering to add environmental interactions?

Even if Peakway Software didn’t mention Bethesda Softworks as the source of inspiration, the debut trailer of Isles of Adalar made it pretty obvious. The setting, weapons, combat, characters — all gave Skyrim vibes to say the least. Those anxiously waiting for a new Elder Scrolls and worthy Fallout installment could very well find Isles of Adalar as a great alternative.

Speaking of the debut trailer, there’s one thing that Peakway Software wants to clarify. The footage showed split-screen at one point, which Misciagno confirmed was just to “properly convey” multiplayer. Isles of Adalar supports both online and local co-op, but there won’t be any split-screen option.

There’s no shortage of good role-playing games in the market but what makes Isles of Adalar unique is an integrated level editor with full modding support. According to the developer, the entire game was made with those very tools. Players will, hence, have full control on the open-world and be able to customize all of the existing content or create their own.

Isles of Adalar is currently slated for a release on PC in July 2020. The game will only be available on Steam due to technical reasons, mainly Steam Matchmaking and Steam Workshop. You can go ahead and add Isles of Adalar to your wishlist since pre-orders have not yet started.