Valve Burglary Suspect Summoned To Appear In Court, Stole $40,000 In Equipment And Games

A serial burglar has been summoned to appear in court to answer for his crime of a Valve burglary, where he stole over $40,000 worth of equipment and games as one many different burglaries that he’s committed over the course of a significant time period. Valve is only his latest target.

The suspect, one Shawn Shaputis, already had six different warrants out for his arrest when he stole from Valve, when they brought charges against him back in September. Since the robbery, he’s been filmed on security cameras selling stolen games at a GameStop store.

Considering the huge amount of valuable computer hardware and games that are normally in game studios for leisure time with developers (especially in a place like Valve where the scheduling for work is nonexistent), they would normally make quite tempting targets.

Shaputis, 32, isn’t exactly the most stealthy of burglars. Authorities say that he is the same person responsible for hijacking a FedEx truck in July, which he was arrested for. That incident happened one week after he was also arrested after a string of burglaries.

Shaputis has somehow managed to consistently avoid jail time despite his multiple arrests and burglaries, so who knows if he’ll be brought in successfully this time. He’s scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow, on Wednesday, and if he fails to appear then another warrant will be issued for his arrest.

Video game thievery is nothing new, though mainly it happens from the actual stores, not the developers themselves; it’s not like they keep finished copies of a game lying around, after all. However, it’s not very likely that Shaputis will appear in court, either.

Since there’s six different warrants out for his arrest (seven should he fail to show up in court tomorrow), there’s no real reason to believe he’ll show up on the seventh opportunity. But, even if he doesn’t, hopefully he’ll be arrested and Valve will get some form of restitution.