Ghost Recon Breakpoint Signature Weapons Guide

Throughout Ghost Recon Breakpoint you would unlock a total of five signature weapons, each a step up from the previous. These are unique weapons with interesting perks that are acquired by defeating certain bosses in Breakpoint. We have put together this guide which would cover the nooks and crannies of each of these guns to give you a heads up on which bosses you need to defeat for them.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Signature Weapons

Before we proceed, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint provides an interesting feature. As you unlock each of these guns, you would also unlock a blueprint for them. This would enable you to craft them at a higher gear rate, later on in the game, if you want to keep using them.

With that let’s get into the details for these Ghost Recon Breakpoint unique weapons.

Rosebud’s Zastava M93
Unlocked from the mission Rosebud, where you have to defeat a Sniper, is this long-distance Sniper Rifle. Upgradable to Mark 1 or Mark 2, this beast can kill in a single shot! With the highest penetration in its class as well as high damage, this might be a bit tricky to control.

Quite effective against the armored enemies and vehicles. It packs ten bullets in each mag and immense power in each bullet.

Flycatcher’s P90
A special P90 variant with high damage and high mag capacity. That being said it does have ridiculous amount of recoil and low accuracy. It is not only made for close combat but can also serve well enough in long range fights. Upgradable to Mark 2 or Mark 3, it comes with the standard muzzle rail cover.

I would recommend using the suppressor if you want to engage in stealthy close combat. It is all fun ands games but on higher difficulties, it might seem hard to maintain that stealth. This is why I would not recommend using at such difficulties.

Silverback’s KSG12
This signature weapon is rewarded by Silverback, one of Walker’s henchman, is the KSG12 variant. It has the largest magazine in its class. However, that comes at the cost of a greater recoil and some reasonable reloading time. Upgradable from Mark 1 to Mark 3. Can be helpful taking out huge armored targets.

Sharp Thunder
Defeating Walker would land you his signature revolver. With a one hit kill prowess, for most body parts, similar to the sniper rifles, it is highly stable but packs in quite a kick. Upgradable to Mark 1 or Mark 2.

A bit hard to aim over the shoulder but is very accurate. Also, don’t feel daunted by the huge reticle, if the shots are lined up properly, you should be able to kill the enemies.

Silver Stake Tactical ASR
A tactical variant assault rifle, which is highly suppressed. Highly accurate and with a range of attachments, just like the other guns. Mind you, it would stay suppressed irrespective of the attachments.

Suitable to medium and long-ranged, it is unlocked at the end. Hence, in order to put it to good use, you might have to play some side missions. As it earns you a pretty high gear score, you can always go back to the start and use the blueprints to craft it and clear your way through the game.