Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Special Ops Details Revealed

Within all sections of each Call of Duty installment, the online multiplayer shines brighter, because after the campaign, players can spend many hours in the various modes offered by each iteration.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will not be the exception, and today it was revealed what the new Special Ops reinvented mode is.

Pick up where Campaign concludes and deploy alongside your squadmates to sever a global terror organization’s access to weapons, funds, intelligence, and hardware. Welcome to a deep dive into the world of Modern Warfare’s Special Ops Mode coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In this way, your goal in Call of Duty Modern Warfare is to decimate the resources of an organization that threatens to compromise the peace of a region in the eastern hemisphere. Together with other players, you will join Kate Laswell and Sergeant Kamarov to form the Armistice alliance, made up by operators of the Allegiance and Coalition forces.

Special Ops will be a reinvention that will include several interrelated operations in Call of Duty Modern Warfare that will allow groups of up to 4 users to meet to achieve multiple objectives on a variety of maps and with a dynamic style that will take you to the city of Verdansk. With that said, the mode is intended as a cooperative experience.

To overcome the Operations, you will have different ways to face the enemy forces, but the mission will not be simple, since the opponents will be very well prepared and will respond to attacks with air support, heavy artillery and other elements of the multiplayer section of the title, that will sometimes wreak havoc on the team and will force you to revive the other members.

In Special Ops there will be 6 different classes: Assault, Recon, Engineer, Demolition, Medic and Heavy, each with its specific advantages, and you will have to choose the one that best suits your playing style.

Something important to mention is that this mode will be available on all platforms on the debut date of the game and that in the launch there will be multi-stage Operations, but they will arrive more with the post-launch seasons.

In addition to the Operations, users can also try Missions, a mode that can be played either alone or with up to 3 more people. Unlike the Operations, in Missions the tactical experience will be neglected and will focus on generating points because this mode will test your skills with specific tools, weapons, and more.

One more mode within Special Ops is survival. As you will remember, this feature is exclusive to PlayStation 4 for almost 1 year after launch, which means that players from other platforms will not be able to enjoy it until October 1. This mode is the classic sequence of waves in which several enemies will attack the player and 3 more people who will try to face them.

I remind you that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be on sale from October 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.