Users Got Charged Despite Cancelling Uplay+ Subscription

Those who availed the free trial of Uplay+ last month are now facing difficulties in cancelling their subscription to the point of being denied a refund.

Ubisoft had asked for payment credentials upfront to “prevent interruption of service” once the free trial was done. Basically, players were left to manually cancel their subscription or else be charged for the first month of October. Despite smashing the cancel-subscription button, players are now discovering that they have been charged by Uplay+ just the same.

Posting on Reddit last night, disgruntled players banded together to highlight the concerning situation. Some have been charged for a month, while others have been charged for two months straight — all of whom claim to have cancelled their subscription to Uplay+ before the free trial ended.

Strangely enough, these players received a confirmation message from Ubisoft about their successful inactivation. Hence, they should never have been charged. It’s also notable that the button to cancel the subscription was reportedly not working in-between. Players clicked on it several times without any results, having to return a day later to do the same. Even then, they state that this all happened before the free trial expired and they have the confirmation message to prove it.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft is being a bit stingy about refunds. Based on chat logs shared by players between them and support technicians, Ubisoft is downright refusing to refund the wrongly-put charges. Instead, the company is offering a guarantee that players will not be charged from the next month. However, the month that they did get charged for will remain as it is. This is despite Ubisoft admitting that there some issues with subscription cancellation last month.

Uplay+ is a subscription-based service much like EA Origin Access and Xbox Game Pass. You pay a small monthly fee (or yearly) to access a library of more than a hundred Ubisoft games. The list includes some fan-favorites like the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises, For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege, and more.

There are other benefits of subscribing to Uplay+ as well. You get access to all premium content and expansion packs, alongside updates, to all games in the library. In addition, you get early access to new releases alongside a guaranteed slot in closed and open beta events. You can learn more about the service from its official website.

Ubisoft has provided a statement to confirm issues faced by players when trying to cancel their Uplay+ subscription. These issues are being fixed on priority.

We are aware that some people may have encountered an issue when they tried to cancel their UPLAY+ subscription. We are currently working on fixing this issue as quickly as possible.