Nintendo Switch JoyCon Variants In The Works, Includes A Number Of Different Types

A number of new Nintendo Switch JoyCon variants are apparently in the works from Nintendo, including a number of different sizes, button position shifts, and even entirely new buttons that can all fit on your own Nintendo Switch as part of your different JoyCon setups, all the result of various patents.

It should be obvious to any gamer that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to gaming. With every major console having a different controller layout, with different button positions, different shapes, and more (to say nothing of special-edition controllers), sometimes it’s difficult to transition from one to the other seamlessly.

The Nintendo Switch, however, has been coming across a number of different problems, despite the console’s popularity. A recent issue has been the drifting problem, where the joysticks on each of the JoyCons start moving of their own accord. That’s not getting into the size, either.

The JoyCons are also able to be taken off of the Switch and used as multi-person controllers, but with different buttons on each, plus their small size, sometimes that’s not good for people with big, meaty hands. Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch JoyCon variants coming soon seem to address those problems.

The SpelComputer Museum in the Netherlands has recently dropped hints that various new Nintendo Switch controller patents will be coming soon. These variants include things like wider JoyCons to make them easier to hold, taking away the joysticks and replacing them with directional pads, and standardizing the layout, putting two face buttons on one end and two on the other, and placing directional pads and joysticks in the same spot on each JoyCon.

Considering the various problems that one might have with a normal Nintendo Switch JoyCon, one of the Nintendo Switch JoyCon variants coming out might be more your speed. There’s no telling when these new controller variants will come out, but you can see examples in the screenshots further up this article.