Marvel’s Avengers Doesn’t Support Local Co-Op Play

If you were looking forward to some old fashioned local co-op action with friends and family in Marvel’s Avengers, think again. Earth’s mightiest heroes are apparently only interested in fighting against the forces of evil through online multiplayer, and will not be assembling on the living room couch.

While addressing fans at the New York Comic Con (via GameRant) last week, head of Crystal Dynamics Scot Amos stated that Marvel’s Avengers will have a ton of multiplayer content at launch as well as afterwards. However, where co-op is concerned, players will have to connect with other would-be superheroes through multiplayer. There won’t be any local co-op support and based on how Crystal Dynamics is mostly focusing on online content, expecting the developer to include local co-op down the road seems highly unlikely.

Marvel’s Avengers was recently revealed to have a campaign length of somewhere between ten and twelve hours. Spending time in exploration and side missions (and a bit of grinding) will add about twenty hours but the main storyline can be completed within the same parameters.

Unless you’re interested in partnering with strangers, your journey in Marvel’s Avengers will be a lonely one. The inclusion of local co-op could have helped in that regard, allowing for some weekend friendly sessions at home, just the way a four-player co-op game should be.

Crystal Dynamics though feels that to be an unlikely scenario. There will be plenty to do in Marvel’s Avengers and players won’t feel bored, stated Amos. He added that Crystal Dynamics has learned from other rivals within the genre about what works and what doesn’t, and the speed at which the most enthusiastic can consume all the content. The developer is willing to stake its reputation on Marvel’s Avengers and how the game brings something new and original.

Marvel’s Avengers will have six playable characters at launch, a roster that will increase over time with post-release additions. The same goes for their respective alternate costumes, most of which have been taken from comic books. Ms. Marvel is the latest playable character to join the roster. Crystal Dynamics actually worked with Marvel to get Kamala Khan just right.

Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 15, 2020. You can always send in timely requests to Crystal Dynamics to at least consider a local co-op mode.