Ubisoft to Release A New Free to Play Far Cry?

Strange news surfaced yesterday when rumors about a new free Far Cry title appeared on Reddit. The rumor suggests that Ubisoft is about to launch the next addition to the series, this time free-to-play.

The Reddit post about the supposed free Far Cry title, which goes by the name Far Cry: Frenzy suggests that the company wanted to release the game back in August but release fell short due to bug fixes.

Apparently, Ubisoft now has a new launch scheduled for next month. The game supposedly is a 12-man multiplayer title with a map editor. According to the leaker, the complete file size weights at about 27GB and will release in digital form.

Since there is no marketing campaign, the leak suggests that Ubisoft has paid live stream content creators to cover Far Cry: Frenzy when it releases. This is hardly any explanation of how a game launches. For the rumor to be believable, there should be some context as to what the company is trying to achieve. Over the past years, the franchise shined under its own light with two standalone titles, Far Cry 5 and New Dawn.

This isn’t the first time we hear that rumor though. Commenters have reported that the same news. Ubisoft is silent about the whole matter, making the situation even shadier.

When it comes to triple-A releases, companies take no chances of releasing games without a solid marketing campaign. Especially when it comes to multiplayer games, where their whole existence depends on players sharing the news with friends.

If and when such a free Far Cry title releases, there are a lot of questions to be answered. Will there be a beta phase? Will it be just a multiplayer? What are the map editor features? Where will it be located? We hope that there will be some light on this matter within the next weeks so that we can either get excited or get the rumor out of our heads.