PS5 SSD Will Help Create Much Richer Worlds According To Tower Five

At the gates of the next generation, it is inevitable to be surrounded by information that helps us understand what the hardware will hold in the next step of video game consoles like the PS5.

This time it was the Tower Five studio that, through a conversation with GamingBolt, explained why the PS5 SSD will help to create much more richer worlds than before.

According to Renaud Charpentier, Lornsword’s game director, it is vital not to feel out of the experience when you are immersed in it. Therefore, when they developed their game, from the beginning they wanted to reduce the number of loading times and their duration as much as possible.

He also said that SSDs will help further reduce them in demanding games, but they could also help what is possible to move in real time.

For him, the key will be the speed of memory transfer. If accessing mass memory is fast enough, it can become a kind of ‘slow’ secondary RAM, where you can store large data structures.

You don’t need every frame. That a solid state disk can perform that function will help create more complex simulations and much richer worlds. He said that it would be interesting to investigate their capabilities in the PS5.

You will notice that Lornsword loadings are pretty short, even on current generation consoles, we believe it’s important not to be taken out of the experience when you are in the flow,” said Charpentier. “SSDs will help a lot with that even on heavy games, but it might also help with what is possible in real time. If the mass memory is really fast to access it can become a kind of secondary “slow” RAM where you can store big data structures, you don’t need every frame. That can open to more complex simulations and richer worlds, so it will be very interesting to investigate.

Tower Five has not been the only study that surrenders in flattery having known the inclusion of SSDs in the next generation of consoles. Triple-I Games forecast the end of loading times for PS5 in mid-summer.

According to Hemanshu Chhabra, its creative director, loading times will end and will be an outdated concept.

Another voice, Crytek said that they are facing the greatest advance of the new generation. Apart from the obvious advantage of reducing loading times, it will open many possibilities for games to be designed for it with respect to transmission. According to them, that is also a front in which game engines must evolve dramatically.

Ricardo Seligmann, the Spanish developers of the Killsquad video game, has also spoken about the benefits of next-generation consoles like PS5 and Project Scarlett.

And, although he has done it specifically for the PS5, the truth is that his words also counts for the Xbox Project Scarlett since both machines will provide us with a similar custom SSD hard drive.

This is definitely exciting times to live in. I also believe that the PS5 and the Project Scarlett will change the way gaming looks and plays, and that will make anybody excited for the future!