PlayStation 4 Update 7.00 Adds Party And Remote Play Improvements

Sony is releasing a new system software, update version 7.00, later this week that promises to bring new improvements and enhancements to PlayStation 4.

According to the official PlayStation Blog earlier today, the Party feature has been “rebuilt” to increase the number of supported users from eight to sixteen. In addition, thanks to an improved back-end, users will find improved network connectivity and audio quality. The upcoming update will also add a new transcript feature that will translate voice to text, but only in the United States.

PlayStation 4 is also receiving support for Remote Play. Your mobile devices running Android 5.0 or higher will now be able to stream select PlayStation 4 games, or at least once the update has arrived. Just head over to Google Play Store and download the Remote Play app. As for iOS users, the existing Remote Play app has been updated as well to display the controller at all times.

Sony has not set an exact date for when update 7.00 will arrive but a tentative time-frame of later this week sets the release for the weekend.

Elsewhere, Sony has been busy suing a small-scale development studio over an in-development tabletop gaming console called PlayTable. It’s basically a giant tablet that serves as a virtual board game, while allowing users to create their own RFID-enabled (Amiibo-like) set pieces for a personalized gaming experience. Sony finds the PlayTable name to be infringing upon its PlayStation-related trademarks and hence, has taken a legal stance on the matter.

There’s still no word on PlayStation 5, the next-generation PlayStation 4 successor. Recently, a Japanese journalist claimed that Sony would be simultaneously releasing two different models for two different audiences. The base model will be lighter in terms of hardware specifications and hence, also cheaper. The Pro model on the other hand will be a powerhouse to satisfy the most demanding console owners at a premium price.

If rumors are to be believed, Sony plans to fully reveal PlayStation 5 between PlayStation Experience 2019 and the first half of 2020. The official launch will then take place in fall 2020. Suffice to say, you better not be purchasing a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro at the moment and save up for a next-generation entry.