Pokemon Go Safari In New Taipei Crashes After 100,000 Trainers Show Up At Once

Server issues have been a thing with Pokemon Go ever since the game first launched back in 2016. However, it got hit with that issue again when the Pokemon Go Safari event in New Taipei in Taiwan, when over 100,000 trainers showed up to the event at once. Thankfully, the event lasts four days.

The Safari event in New Taipei allowed for Pokemon Go players to gather in various spots located around the city to capture a variety of Pokemon, both rare and common. Rarer Pokemon include Unown R and Heracross, which could both be found at the main venue.

While the crashing issue has since been resolved, Pokemon Go fans from a variety of surrounding countries also made their way to Taiwan to take part in the event, with the entire Pokemon Go Safari event forecasted to bring in over 1.6 million visitors.

This wouldn’t be the first time that an enormous Pokemon Go event had been derailed by huge amounts of people. The Pokemon Go Fest last year also had a similar problem happen, when the sheet number of players overloaded local servers and took the game down for everyone.

Niantic ended up having to pay the collected attendees $1.6 million, following a lawsuit that alleged that they should have been more prepared for the huge amount of people that would be coming to the event.

Alongside the various Pokemon that trainers would be able to catch in the Pokemon Go Safari, other events include meet-and-greet opportunities with various Pokemon mascots (both Pikachu and the Galar starters from Pokemon Sword and Shield), a parade, and more.

Hopefully Niantic will be able to keep the game from crashing again during the next three days of the event, and hopefully players will be more understanding about what happens when you have so many people accessing a game all at once.