Ghost Recon Breakpoint Stealth Tips

Needless to say; Stealth plays a big part of the game that has the word ‘Ghost’ in the title. Ghost Recon Breakpoint often encourages you to avoid direct confrontation with enemies since that can result in near-instant death and instead go for stealth tactics. Using camouflage is a huge part of the gameplay and sneaking up on your foes can turn the tide of a fight in your favor.  This guide covers the stealth techniques you can apply in Ghost Recon.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Stealth Tips

Breakpoint’s stealth system is more complex than that of its predecessor. You can be spotted by foes visually, audibly or even by them following your trail of destruction. You also need to avoid road patrols and helicopters since them spotting you will bring down a ton of gunfire upon you.  There are many ways for you to avoid detection:

This is pretty basic. You make less noise when crouching. You can use this to sneak up on enemies for stealth kills or to find cover behind things or in bushes and tall grass. The game will let you know you’re hidden by dimming the screen a little so you’ll be practically invisible to nearby enemies who are not at close range.

Going full prone on the ground will allow you to blend in better but will limit movement. This is a great way of avoiding detection and also getting of sight of foes who are investigating the last known area they spotted you in. You become invisible to foes when rolling in mud. Snow also does the trick.

Keep moving
If you’ve gotten yourself in cover then the last thing you need is to expose yourself right away by loudly firing away. Use a silenced weapon to maintain stealth in Breakpoint, but even then foes will still come to investigate so try to move a distance away from where you fired the shot. Keep moving to stay out of their eyesight.

Mark Your Targets Before The Kill
This is particularly useful when clearing out enemy outposts. Get a feel for the nearest area filled with enemies so that you know where everyone is. Mark enemies by holding the cursor on the target. You can also use your drone or binoculars to do the same.

Marked enemies will be visible to you at all times and you can even view their status via the icon above their heads. The white icon means they haven’t spotted you, yellow means they’re suspicious and red means you should expect some bullets your way right now.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to stealthily work your way through foes.