Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gear Guide

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint gear level is a system of ranking weapons and gear that is different from the Player level. As the name implies, it is a level based on the quality of gear and equipment a player uses. This gear level will also show your quality of equipment as well. If you have played RPG shooters like Destiny or Division, you would be familiar with the concept of gear affecting your stats.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gear

Now one thing to keep in mind is that the gear level is not only confined to your character but also the enemies that you will face. Their gear level will indicate how strong and high-quality gear they have, that means having high gear level is equal to higher difficulty.

This also makes it harder to attack high gear level artillery or drones with low gear level weapons. Breakpoint gear level does not affect the headshot efficiency so you can easily take out any enemy with a single headshot without any consideration of yours or their gear level, with the exception of armored enemies that require you to first remove their helmets by shooting their head.

Breakpoint Gear Customization
Now high gear level has a lot of points to keep in mind like:

  • It will indicate the level of toughness and resistance that you have against the enemy. Your gear level will increase your health as well.
  • If the enemy has high-level gear it will obviously take more damage to kill.
  • Now if you want to enter the raid zone you need to achieve a minimum gear level. Without that, you cannot enter the raid zone.

In Breakpoint, you can choose your character to appear in the gear in Loadout or the one altered version in the Customization menu. By completing missions, you will get your hands on the new gear and it will be shown in the customization menu, you can either explore the open world or can buy new gear from the online store. Some of the gear can only be altered or bought from Erewhon.

There is an option of Skin Override on your Loadout screen. If this option is turned on it will allow you to change your character’s appearance according to your wishes and all the above-mentioned settings will apply. But if you turn this skin override off, your main loadout gear will become your main appearance.