The FIFA 20 Competitive Season Will Be The Largest In The Series By Far

For some years, Electronic Arts has dedicated time and effort to develop the competitive FIFA scene. This dedication has paid off and has delivered exciting tournaments that are well received by the community. It is for this reason that the distributor continues to invest in improving it, and that is why FIFA 20 will be the largest by far.

Through a statement, Electronic Arts shared the first details of the EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series, the competitive scene of FIFA 20. To begin, it will continue its expansion by allowing more than 20 of the world’s most important leagues to make local competitions.

Among the FIFA 20 Global Series members are the Premier League, The Australian A-League, the Austrian Bundesliga, the Maltese Premier League, the Norwegian Elite Serien, the Polish Ekstraklasa, the Saudi Professional League, the Ukraine Premier League and others. With this, the competitive FIFA scene can reach many more players and thus become much bigger.

That’s not all, since the FIFA 20 Global Series will also have several exciting competitions throughout the year. For example, the UEFA eChampions League will return, and in it the best teams in Europe will compete.

There will also be events such as the FUT Champions Cup and the qualifying events for the FIFA eWorld Cup. There will also be the FIFA eNations Cup, a tournament in which the countries can create a selection so that their players have more opportunities to take part in international events.

Brent Koning, FIFA’s competitive gaming commissioner, made the following statement.

The EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series is the most inclusive esports competition on the planet. Anyone can become a superstar and the opportunity to do so has increased with the inclusion of more than 20 official league partners. This connection with global sport reinforces the suspense among the spectators, and that positions us well to overcome 800 million minutes of content from EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series that was seen last year.

In case you are interested in taking part in the competitive FIFA 20 scene, you must register on this website. Once you do, you have the opportunity to reach the FUT Champions verification by getting the Elite 1 rank in the Weekend League.

With it, you can receive invitations to official tournaments and get ranking points for the Global Series. It is worth mentioning that this year players from Ecuador, Egypt, Uruguay and Vietnam can already be registered players.

In other news, EA Sports has taken note of the first problems reported in FIFA 20 after the first week of sales and has applied numerous changes and corrections through update 1.03. The download file is already available on PS4 and Xbox One.

This file, which is 689.9 MB in weight, does not bring just a few changes, but it is precisely a general refreshment of all game modes with improvements that the editor has detailed in various messages from the patch notes.

I remind you that FIFA 20 arrived for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 27.