Darksiders Genesis Takes Precedence Over Darksiders 4

With Darksiders Genesis being prepped for launch, the fate of Darksiders 4 raises a natural question in the apocalyptic action-adventure franchise.

Once Gunfire Games was done with the third mainline installment last year, announcement of a spin-off prequel was more than a surprise. Gunfire Games, having also headed the Deathinitive Edition, has seemingly taken a break from the biblical setting. Airship Syndicate, comprising of developers who headed the first two installments, has instead been given reins of Darksiders Genesis.

Does this mean that Gunfire Games was taken off to start work on Darksiders 4 and that a fourth core entry is already in the pipelines? Seeing that there are now two different studios involved, the possibility would certainly be there but not as far as the publisher is concerned.

When asked in a recent interview with SegmentNext if Darksiders 4 would be coming anytime soon, Reinhard Pollice, business and product development director of THQ Nordic, stated that it’s out of the question. Darksiders Genesis is being given full precedence at the moment.

Our [THQ Nordic] full focus is on Darksiders Genesis right now.

All three mainline installments in the franchise have run parallel to each other. The narrative has yet to see a proper ending. The closest the storyline reached in this regard was in the most recent installment where — spoiler warning — Lucifer was revealed to be the one pulling the strings all along. The new antagonist set the stage for a grand confrontation between him and the four horsemen of the apocalypse, something that was being expected of Darksiders 4.

With War, Death, and Fury getting their own standalone entries, Strife is the only horsman who will have to share the spotlight (alongside War) in Darksiders Genesis. Darksiders 4 could still follow by giving Strife his own installment. However, the franchise has been stretched for long enough. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to not bring the horsemen together for a final showdown, especially since Strife will have already been introduced in Darksiders Genesis.

Elsewhere in the interview, Pollice also stated that Darksiders Genesis will not feature any microtransactions. THQ Nordic has taken a firm stance in this regard, reminding that the company has never done loot boxes or gambling mechanics in the past and has no plans to do so now.

Darksiders Genesis is currently slated to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at the end of 2019 without microtransactions. The spin-off will also release for Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia, which could possibly be after the main platforms are done. You can keep tabs on the game until then from itsĀ official website.