Detroit: Become Human Sold Over 3 Million Copies On PS4 Worldwide

Despite being a niche game and maintaining the essence of interactive adventure type that has distinguished Quantic Dream from the rest, Detroit: Become Human has reaped successes during its stage as a PS4 exclusive and today it was revealed that it reached an important goal on the Sony console.

Through a publication on the official Detroit: Become Human Twitter account, Quantic Dream reported that the PS4 version already sold more than 3 million copies, specifically 3.2 million, after debuting on May 25, 2018.

We are delighted to announce that Detroit: Become Human has now sold in excess of 3 million units on PS4 worldwide!

This amount has made the most of any recent title from the French studio. Detroit: Become Human is the most sold game in the studio’s history, surpassing what they achieved in previous installments such as Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

The sales figure reached by Detroit: Become Human on PS4 confirms the good moment that the study is going through and justifies the decision made a few months ago, when it informed that it would stop working exclusively and that it would seek to address other types of proposals.

This year meant a great change for Quantic Dream, since, after launching its latest games exclusively for PlayStation 4 like Detroit: Become Human, it decided to expand its audience by adapting these experiences to PC, through the Epic Games Store. This movement apparently favored them considerably because recently the studio leader revealed that their PC deliveries also did very well.

In an interview with Only Single Player, David Cage, the founder and CEO of Quantic Dream, revealed that PC players really like their titles on PC and want games like Detroit: Become Human. According to the developer, this is a great step for them and their followers, as there are those who want to play their productions, but they can’t because they don’t have consoles.

Thanks to the debut of their last 3 games in the Epic Games Store, this will no longer be an impediment.

Cage recalled that he started his business as a cross-platform developer, as his first 2 titles, Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, came to both PC and consoles.

The expansion of its market again does not mean that they will turn their backs on PlayStation 4; on the contrary, they will continue to be part of them, the difference is that their deliveries will be available to all players.

It is an entirely new market for us, although we started as a cross-platform developer (our first game Omikron: The Nomad Soul was released on PC and Dreamcast, and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy was also cross-platform).

The reaction from the PC community has been tremendous. It is like expanding our family. We will, of course, remain a part of the PlayStation family, but we will now also make our games available to everyone, no matter their platform.

As you will remember, the titles that came to PC through the Epic Games Store were Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Detroit: Become Human will arrive later this year. As you can see, no sales figures were shared, but judging by Cage’s very positive response, one could expect that there are many players who acquired the 2 titles available in the Epic Games Store.