Comanche Will Have Seasonal Content, Battle Pass On The Cards [Update]

Well, it has now been confirmed that Comanche reboot won’t feature any battle pass pass and will have seasonal content that will be free.

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Comanche wants to be treated as a reboot to the entire franchise and not to any particular legacy installment, and definitely not as a remaster. The new entry hopes to press reset on the franchise name itself, which is why Comanche has no tail or numeric that would otherwise make it look like a sequel of sorts.

While speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, developer Nukklear stated that the upcoming game is an interpretation of how a modern Comanche should be. The franchise has been asleep for nearly two decades now, having lived throughout the 90s. The lost time might as well make it harder to give the simulator a purpose in the current generation, something that Nukklear believes can be tackled through what other multiplayer games have been doing.

This game is our own interpretation of how a modern Comanche game should be. We didn’t pick a certain title of the Comanche legacy and remade it with modern technology but we created something new. So this is a reboot of the franchise with a brand new game and not a remaster.

Comanche sets itself apart by taking place in the near future, which allows the addition of drones and other modern — advanced — military configurations to the arsenal. The setting makes it easier for Nukklear to formulate unique content, which is an important course to retain as well as attract a player-base.

While not a priority right now, Nukklear will be introducing seasons down the road. However, don’t expect the first season to commence from day one. The developer is currently placing all focus on perfecting quick-play matchmaking with the possibility of a ranked mode as well for launch.

We will start with quick play matchmaking and will add ranked play at a later stage. We are planning to introduce seasons in the long run.

The notion makes it obvious that Comanche will be going the battle pass route, much like other multiplayer games such as PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. Comanche, though, won’t be doing microtransactions or loot boxes. Nukklear was pretty clear on that when it revealed a system that will deploy random rewards. The developer is still tinkering with the progression design, and more details about loot will be given on a later date.

The reason that Nukklear is not doing microtransactions or loot boxes is because of publisher THQ Nordic’s stance against having any gambling mechanics. Its upcoming Darksiders Genesis, a spin-off prequel, will also be the same — no microtransactions or loot boxes, despite being an online co-op offering.

Comanche will enter early access on Steam in early 2020. Those interested can apply to be part of the closed alpha. Nukklear plans to mould development around what the community wants. It’s why there will be several closed and open betas down the road. Any possible releases on consoles or Google Stadia will be discussed afterwards.