Blizzard Wanted To Take Overwatch To Nintendo Switch Since The Launch Of The Console

Overwatch’s adaptation to Nintendo Switch was announced just a month ago, but the reality is that Blizzard had been exploring the idea for a long time. How much time, exactly? Well, since the console arrived in stores, neither more nor less.

Jeff Kaplan, director of the game, made the following statement in an interview with The Verge.

Literally the day the Switch came out, we were thinking about it. I remember immediately talking to people around the office saying, ‘What would it take for us to be here?’ It took some time for that to happen. We started by porting Diablo III to the Switch late last year, and work on a portable version of Overwatch started a little over a year ago. The final version will be launching on Nintendo’s tablet on October 15th. And, like everything we do, we wanted to do it right.

Finally, Overwatch will arrive on Nintendo Switch on October 15, although with some limitations.

For example, it will operate at 30 FPS (half of what the desktop versions can offer) both in portable mode and from docked mode, and without any compatibility with Amiibo figures.

At least Kaplan says that they consider no platform inferior to them and they expect that all the features of the game will reach the Nintendo Switch along with the other versions.

Nintendo confirmed a few weeks ago that its popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would welcome a new season of additional fighters, with Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury being the only one confirmed to date.

Since fans do not stop speculating about future additions to the game, and now that the successful Overwatch is about to premiere on Nintendo Switch, the director of this multiplayer action title has joked about the possibility of seeing his heroes and Villains fighting in the Nintendo game.

Asked about his preferences when it comes to seeing one of his characters in Smash Bros., Jeff Kaplan has been most resounding.

Any character you want is yours, we adore them all. They are our babies, so you can take any of them. We have 31 at your disposal.

But, what if I had to choose one? Tracer would be the choice. She is our girl; our pet. She would be my first choice. There are a lot of great characters. I think anyone would immediately see that Doomfist fits into Smash’s action, but if I had to choose, I would like it to be Tracer.

Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment have strengthened relationships in recent times. The launch of Diablo III: Eternal Collection was the prelude to the arrival of one of the most popular games of the generation, Overwatch.

Overwatch: Legendary Edition was officially announced on a Nintendo Direct, although it had already been previously talked about. A few days after its announcement, Wes Yanagi, producer of the game, said that the port took them a whole year to develop.

Speaking to the Australian portal Vooks, the producer has commented that the work of moving Overwatch to Nintendo Switch began just over a year ago. According to Yanagi, the set-up was complicated because it is a video game that evolves over time.