Ninja’s Manager Explained Why Ninja Really Left Twitch To Go To Mixer

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a well-known Fortnite streamer, surprised the video game streaming community last August by leaving Twitch to sign exclusively for Microsoft’s Mixer, in exchange for a contract whose amount is still unknown. Some rumors say that it was more than $50 million!

Ninja had the channel with the most followers on Twitch with about 14 million users. His manager and wife has finally explained the reason for his departure.

In an interview with Business Insider, Ninja was not happy with the general operation of Twitch because they didn’t listen to him. According to his manager, Ninja would not be able to grow with his brand beyond video games.

This comment comes up with the new contractual agreement that binds Adidas, a well-known sportswear brand, with which he now works closely. According to his manager, these types of contracts were impossible to expedite with Twitch, which is currently owned by Amazon.

Toxicity was another trigger for his desire to move to Mixer. His manager said that it seemed like he was losing himself and his love for streaming. There was a less enthusiastic behavior because of the toxicity that surrounds this massive community such as Twitch. To that they complement saying that the proposal of Microsoft was warm and friendly, with actions and brands that are exciting for Ninja.

Although it is not known if the incorporation of Ninja to Mixer after leaving Twitch behind will give way to a new stage for video game streaming, the truth is that success has not taken long for the Fortnite player in his new platform and recently reached an impressive new goal.

Through a publication on his official Twitter account, Ninja reported that he has already reached 2 million followers on Mixer, just one month after joining it in a movement that makes you think that the competition with Twitch could enter a new phase.

Today we hit 2 million followers on Mixer in less than a month! Absolutely out of this world. My goal on mixer is not to get more viewers than everyone, but to try and lift as many streamers up with me and bring as much attention to this amazing platform as possible.

In addition to celebrating the impressive goal, Ninja said that his goal is not to have the largest number of followers in Mixer, but to be a support figure that can boost the careers of new streamers on the platform which will help it to grow and capture the attention of more fans around the world.

In the first broadcast of Ninja in Mixer it had an average of between 75,000 and 80,000 spectators while playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. When he played on Twitch, he had about 130,000 viewers.

At the moment, his channel has 2,333,584 followers and more than 21.5 million registered views, figures still far from his previous Twitch channel, with more than 14 million followers.