FIFA 20 Receives Update 1.03 With Quite A Few Corrections And Changes Included

EA Sports has taken note of the first problems reported in FIFA 20 after the first week of sales and has applied numerous changes and corrections through update 1.03. The download file is already available on PS4 and Xbox One.

This file, which is 689.9 MB in weight, does not bring just a few changes, but it is precisely a general refreshment of all game modes with improvements that the editor has detailed in various messages from the patch notes. For starters, the likelihood of goalkeepers moving the ball away from the goal has increased when they make a stop that could result in rejection.

They have also improved the responsiveness in dribbling. There are also changes in the penalties, where EA has increased the distance at which the goalkeepers will react to the ball and try to stop it when they are still in the middle of the goal.

The goalkeepers are more likely to react better and stop the shots that go to their position in the center of the goal.

And the goalkeepers are precisely the other major concern of EA in this FIFA 20 1.03 update. Improving goalkeepers is a constant issue in the franchise.

Sometimes, according to the patch notes, the goalkeeper would fist the ball in a situation where he should have caught it directly with his hands. Sometimes, the goalkeeper did not correctly control the ball with his feet after catching it. Now it has been corrected.

When the goalkeeper released the ball, he always dropped it in the same direction regardless of the direction in which we pointed. It has also been corrected.

Finally, errors have been fixed in VOLTA, FIFA Ultimate Team and other game modes.

In other news, the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 20 is currently being the new victim of review bombing on Metacritic.

The review bombing is an organized practice by certain users in protest against certain judgments made by developers or publishers. It consists of reducing the score awarded by players as much as possible in score aggregators such as Metacritic and on platforms such as Steam.

In FIFA 20, we can find more than 30 official leagues, 700 clubs and 17,000 real players playing in leagues such as the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, LaLiga Santander, Bundesliga, and many more.

Here you can review the entire list so you know what you will find if you want to play with your favourite club in FIFA 20.

EA Sports has released the final and complete list of stadiums included in FIFA 20. After a disputed fight for licenses such as the UEFA Champions League, which remains in FIFA, the American company has managed to license new stadiums such as the Bramall Lane of Sheffield United, the Red Bull Arena of the New York Red Bulls and the Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadı.

In total, more than 90 stadiums are licensed from around the world to play matches in different available game modes. Here you can see the complete list of FIFA 20 stadiums, with a total of 17 new stadiums.

I remind you that FIFA 20 arrived for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 27.