There Is A Possibility That FromSoftware’s Elden Ring Could Maybe Release In April 2020

Elden Ring has been the great absent game in important industry events recently such as Gamescom 2019 and the Tokyo Game Show 2019. However, the FromSoftware title continues to progress relentlessly in its development. Today, we might know about a new supposed release date of the game.

While Target stores recently pointed out to a June 2020 release for their market debut, Reddit user ExHanzo has some other details about the game. He notes that Elden Ring would be launched in April 2020 and that its gameplay will be shown at The Game Awards, scheduled to be held on December 12.

In addition, this user has shared important details about the combat mechanics of Elden Ring. And yes, they aim to be as challenging as those of the Dark Souls saga.

The ExHanzo user has also shared a whole avalanche of information about the Elden Ring combat system. A system that looks like a combination between the Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice saga, the most recent game in the studio. In addition, the mechanics of the game is also supported by an important section dedicated to exploration.

Most of the combat is based on the base of the Souls series. The powers you get from bosses are integrated into combos, like the prosthesis in Sekiro, but for all weapons. In addition, some of these powers we can use to open new paths in the world, as in The Legend of Zelda.

Using these powers in Elden Ring has a cost. Our arms seem to be calcined until they are reduced to ashes. Enemies can also cut our arms. We can use mechanical arms as a replacement, but they are weaker.

The enemies themselves also drop their limbs, but we can only use some as a replacement: most are burned. However, resting on specific altars we can fully recover our arms. Stealth removals can heal our burns.

On the other hand, we will also have skill trees with different paths. Our character’s skills will depend on the initial class we choose at the beginning. Using skill points, we can unlock the ones we like the most.

Since this information does not come from an official source, at the moment we cannot consider it confirmed.

Elden Ring will take us to a convulsive, complex and bloody world . On this occasion, the Japanese team has increased the scale of the title, moving and debugging its known playability to a new dimension.

The new universe of Elden Ring will be much bigger, more than any other previous FromSoftware game, with terrain extensions full of enemies, strange creatures and challenges. However, and unlike other similar titles, we will not have towns, cities or settlements.

Yes there will be, on the other hand, huge multilevel castles and there will be the possibility of crossing this vast world on the back of your horse.

The idea in Elden Ring is to offer the player a decaying reality, dark and strange, in which almost no one is left alive. George RR Martin, author of the Song of Ice and Fire, a series of novels that have given life to the successful Game of Thrones, has been in charge of this plot of FromSoftware.