Destiny 2 Finisher Moves Guide

With the release of Shadowkeep and New Light, Destiny 2 got some extra cool features in addition to its already great story and gameplay. Bungie announced a new game mechanic called Finisher Moves which are now usable in Destiny 2. Guardians are able to perform these moves to finish off enemies after they reach a specific health point.

Destiny 2 Finisher Moves

Now, these finishing moves are not totally preset and you can upgrade or change them as you want. You can modify them to your likings but that will cost you some things. You will exchange these mods for exposing yourself during these finishing moves or some other energy.

Now the finisher animation of the move is also customized separately from its impacting factors. This will give players more freedom towards how their attacks will look like and feel like.

At the beginning, players will get one finisher but Bungie said they are working on multi-equip. They are like emotes, you will be able to get collect and equip finishers just like you equip emotes.

How to do Finishing Moves
First, you need to unlock the move as mentioned above. Go to the Banshee at the Tower and the game will redirect you to the screen on which the finisher moves are.

During the fight, when you bring your enemy health to a critically low level, you will see a white marker indicating the ability to perform a finishing move. Now you just need to press the combo to execute the move:

PlayStation 4 R3 (click the right stick)
Xbox One R3 (click the right stick)
PC C (default controls)

You will be able to modify your finishing moves with the seasonal artifacts. Killing enemies with finishers instead of simply shooting them to death can give you various benefits. While it does leave you exposed, it also drops ammo or extra glimmer based on your mods whenever you perform a finishing move.