Destiny 2 Has Some Impressive Day-One Steam Stats

Who would have thought that there was a sizable (even lucrative) demand to have Destiny 2 bring its free-to-play offer on Steam?

The online-only sequel to the 2014 original has been performing remarkably on the Valve-owned platform, having been deployed just a day ago. Within just a few hours into its release, Destiny 2 managed to land on the fourth place in the most-played Steam list and from the looks of it, continues to go strong.

It holds a daily peak concurrent player-count of 219,997, more than double of Rainbow Six Siege. The numbers do pale against heavyweights like PUBG, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that have peak concurrent action well-over 600,000 on Steam on a daily basis. However, for a game like Destiny 2, the numbers it has achieved are nothing short of impressive.

Suffice to say that the daily peak concurrent player-count would have been even larger if not for connection issues. The onslaught of players took a toll on the servers, which forced Bungie to start with an emergency maintenance. Destiny 2 had to be taken temporarily taken offline while the developers went to work. As services were restored on Steam, long queues began forming and players who did manage to get in were often booted out, which is typical in such situations.

At the time of writing, Destiny 2 has 130,717 players currently playing on Steam. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the numbers double once again (or even triple) on the weekend. Destiny 2 has just arrived on Steam and there’s ample time for Bungie to achieve new milestones.

The decision to become free to play was always on the cards. Even better is that Destiny 2 supports cross-save functionality, meaning that all of your progression can be carried forward between supporting platforms. Those who have spent time on the console version can bring their characters, gears, collections, and in-game purchases to Steam if they are interested.

Hence, such complexities were naturally expected to see some levels of online server issues. Also consider that Destiny 2 is the first game to move from Blizzard’s to Steam. Then there’s also the standalone release of the hefty Shadowkeep expansion in the same time-frame. Bungie is actually doing good to keep services in check after the initial hiccups.

Destiny 2 is now available on Steam for free. You can always wait for a brief period to ensure that the servers are running perfectly fine. Bungie is likely to increase server capacity in the coming weeks anyway. You can either jump in then or now. The choice is yours.