Death Stranding Launch Trailer is Coming, Edited By Kojima Himself

Every day with news from Hideo Kojima is a good day. This one, we got the chance to find out that the Death Stranding launch trailer is currently in its editing stage and the editor is no other than the man himself.

Kojima-san is a big fan of Twitter and has been giving the community constant feedback on how development goes. We practically knew when the voice acting sessions were happening, when the game went gold and such. Since the launch date draws near, it’s only natural for its launch trailer to release in the weeks to come. Kojima took to Twitter to announce that a Death Stranding launch trailer is indeed in editing right now. What we didn’t expect though is that he himself is editing it.

According to Kojima, launch trailers are usually handled by CGI studios, so that its cinematic intensity is at its maximum. That doesn’t apply to Kojima though, probably because we already know what the Death Stranding CGI is all about. We’re more excited to see the game as is. Here’s what the man said in his recent tweet:

What I’m editing now is the launch trailer. It’ll be the last one until the release. Normally such launch trailer is handled by outsourcing CGI studio using the movie director to make it gorgeous with full CGI or live action. I do by myself as the trailer is a part of the title.

Fans are already asking for more Mads Mikkelsen and more cutscenes. Truth is, at this point, we don’t want more complex conversations and exposition. However, we do want to know more about the characters and whether or not there are more of them. We wouldn’t mind some footage of the “war-related” world that Mads resides in.

So, be on the lookout for the new Death Stranding Launch Trailer in the following days. Will it be gameplay or cinematics? Noone except Kojima really knows. The game is gold since the end of September so we won’t be facing any delays. Death Stranding releases on November 4th, exclusively for Playstation 4.