Cuphead Second Anniversary Includes Quintuple Platinum, Now 20% Off All Week

It’s Cuphead’s second birthday today, and that’s great news for Studio MDHR, its developer. The Cuphead second anniversary, along with celebrating the second year of a highly successful release, also gives us the news that the game has gone quintuple platinum, selling 5 million copies in that time since it released.

Cuphead was first announced at E3 2015 as a run-and-gun shooter animated in the style of a Max Fleischer cartoon. Originally intended to just be a succession of bosses, the studio later created a number of other run-and-gun levels to pad the game out.

The game was so time-consuming and expensive to make that both developers at Studio MDHR had to quit their jobs and re-mortgage their houses before the game finally released in 2017. However, when the game released on the Xbox One and PC, all of that effort paid off in spades.

With the game having gone platinum five times in the span of two years, the Cuphead second anniversary is definitely a cause for celebration in the studio. The game was so successful, in fact, that Studio MDHR has since announced DLC for the game, allowing players to use the new character Miss Chalice as well. They also recently released selections from the game’s soundtrack as sheet music.

However, right now, the game has earned itself a 1/5 discount in addition to its 5 million sales. The entire week, on all of its platforms, Cuphead is now 20% off. So, if you’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to buy the game for one reason or another, now is likely your best chance.

With the DLC featuring Miss Chalice slated to come out in 2020 as part of the Delicious Last Course expansion to the game, plus this week’s discount, the Cuphead second anniversary is likely only the start of a new brace of good things for the game.

Cuphead is currently available on the Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.