Borderlands 3 Red Chests Guide – Red Chests Locations, How to Open

Throughout the various locations in the universe of Borderlands 3, you may come across Red Chests. These chests contain some unique and beneficial collectibles, all of which are worth going out of your way to find. And that’s what this guide is here to help you with.

Borderlands 3 Red Chests

The gear found in these chests can have epic or legendary rarity, meaning they are absolutely worth the time and effort in getting them.

However, they’re not necessary to collect – they’re collectibles for the player to hunt down, not tied to any in-game mission, nor is there any achievement for doing so (you do, however, want to collect them if you want to complete the game 100%).

Two chests, in particular, can easily be missed as they are rewards for completing an optional objective.

If you miss the opportunity to complete that particular task, you can join a friend’s game (someone who has completed this objective) and gain the Red Chests from there.

These chests are visible on the map, however, if you have opened one then there is position is highlighted when in Orbit view. This helps you to keep track of every chest you’ve unearthed thus far.

Fun fact, you can actually go back to an already opened Red Chest and open it again; this can be done by fast traveling to another map then coming back to the original location. A nifty way to farm some pretty valuable collectibles.

There are a total of 57 Red Chests spread across 5 planets, this guide will assist you in locating each and every one of them.


There are a total of 18 Red Chests available on Pandora. This planet has 10 sub-locations, and we will go through each in turn.

The Droughts

Chest #1: This is one of the 2 chests that a player can easily miss. During the side quest ‘Powerful Connections’, complete the ‘Human Spine’ optional objective and you’ll be given access to a cellar. This appears when you complete the mission; some floorboards will open behind the red ‘Guns’ machines, the chest is in the cellar.

Chest #2: Somewhere in the Droughts, you will come across a large enemy structure. Take down any enemies that cross your path and start ascending the structure. What you’re looking for is a yellow wire that’s been cut in half. Above where the wire’s been cut you’ll see 2 red targets; shoot them both. This will activate a trap door, follow the yellow wire to reach the trap door and fall down. You will find the chest there.

Chest #3: This is the easiest one to find. It’s on the roof of Ellie’s Garage. Just climb up from the side and you’ll find it right there.

Ascension Bluff

Chest #1: This one can only be found during the ‘Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece’ sidequest. Once you’ve beaten the new Mouthpiece, you’ll be given the task of locating the secret stash; the chest is there.

Devil’s Razor

Chest #1: In Devil’s Razor you’re likely to come across a large edifice filled with petrified individuals. You’re aiming to reach the tippy top of this structure, because that’s where the chest is.

Chest #2: Look for a place that resembles an oil refinery. This one can be pretty tricky to find as you have to climb several scaffoldings, cross the large pipes and try to find it behind one of the many circular structures. If you look closely at your map, you’ll see that you’re in a giant circular area. Study your map and you’ll see that there’s a horizontal area next to the circular area, the chest is located close to that horizontal area jetting out, to the edge of the circular rea.


Chest #1: In the Splinterlands, look for a Catch-a-Ride station, one you climb onto from the side. The chest is on the rooftop.

Chest #2: This one might prove to be a challenge to attain. You need to get on the rollercoaster and shoot every red target in one trip. If you’re able to do so, an electric door will unlock where you first got on the rollercoaster. The chest can be found there.


Chest #1: This one can be found in the trailer area. You need to climb onto the trailers (taking down enemies along the way) and move forward until you reach a bridge (you’ll know you’re there when you see a sign that says ‘Kill Us’). Cross the bridge and stick to the left side until you see the chest.

Chest #2: Look for a garage with the shutter door most of the way down. Crouch and get past the door and you’ll reach the chest.

Guts of Carnivora

Chest #1: This one can easily be missed. In an area with large, rotating machinery, you want to go to upstairs and towards the end of the area. Look the opposite direction and you’ll see a bridge with flamethrowers, but before that, you’ll see a pipe with a busted vent shooting out air. Get on the pipe and use the air to propel yourself upwards. It’ll help you reach the platform with the chest.

Chest #2: This must be done before getting into the elevator to face off against the Agonizer. Next to the elevator entrance there is a small chasm, beyond which there is a platform; jump there. Turn right and in a dark corner, you’ll spot the chest.

Konrad’s Hole

Chest #1: This can only be found after completing the ‘Childhood’s End’ side mission, so make sure to stick around after completing it. In the area particular to that mission, shoot the two red targets that will turn on the power. Follow the yellow cables on the ground, they will lead you to the trap door that’s opened up. The chest is beyond that.

Sandblast Scar

Chest #1: This can be found in an enemy camp near the exit of Devil’s Razor. Go to one of the side buildings, they’ll contain large boilers; the chest is next to one.

Cathedral of the Twin Gods

Chest #1: Go to the entrance of the ‘Children of the Vault’ area and turn right. Climb onto the platform and you’ll see a barricaded doorway, melee through it and keep moving forward. You’ll see a staircase leading down, go there and you’ll see the chest.

Chest #2: Go to where the Crush Jaw ‘Target of Opportunity’ Challenge takes place (Eridium Sluice) and, after defeating the creature, go down the hatch he came from.

Destroyer’s Rift

Chests #1 and 2: The last 2 chests for this world can be found after beating the final boss. Inside the vault, you’ll find the two chests opposite of each other.


This world has a total of 15 Red Chests, spread across 7 sub-locations.

Meridian Outskirts

Chest #1: In this area, you’ll come across a large structure comprising of many trailers, vehicles, and a whole lot of metal. On the west side, you’ll see an elevator. Get inside and press the green button. Once you’re taken up, exit the elevator and stay on the left side, take the staircase down and look for a room whose interior is a bright purple; the chest is there.

Meridian Metroplex

Chest #2: This one is hard to miss as you come across while doing the ‘Hostile Takeover’ mission.

Chest #3: This one can be found after defeating Gigamind. Once you’ve beaten him, a door on the left will open up.

Chest #4: Can be found in the same place as one of the Typhon Dead Drops. Cross-check the map given above with the map pointing out the Dead Drop’s location and you’ll know where it is.

Lectra City

This can be done during the ‘Kill Killavolt’ side mission

Chest #5: In the harbor area, in front of ‘Trudy’, there’s a large crane. Get on top of the crane to locate the chest.

Chest #6: On the west part of the area, the chest can be found in plain sight next to a building with red porch lights.

Chest #7: Once you’ve beaten Killavolt, return to the room that precedes the boss fight area. In that room a door will have opened up that will lead you to the chest.


Chest #8: Look for Moxxi’s slot machine in the Katagawa Pleasure Pit. It’s a hidden area on the right side of the building, a small pit is what you’re searching for.

Chest #9: After beating Katagawa Ball, head to the Laser Control Room Fast Travel Point, the chest is near it.

Atlas HQ

Chest #10: Once you’re finished with the Katagawa Jr. boss fight, go to the room where the Atlas HQ Rooftop fast travel point is at; the chest is there.

Chest #11: It is in the same area as the chest above; behind the elevator in the next room.

Chest #12: This can be found at the tail end of the ‘Ratch’d Up’ side mission. During the mission you will eventually be given access to the lab, inside you must make your way to the bottom-most level of the lab. The chest is in the final room.

Neon Arterial

Chest #13: Go to the area with large neon ‘Tickets’ signs above. There are many shops here, you’re looking for the one that has grills. Inside that shop, you’ll find the chest.

The Forgotten Basilica

Chests #14 and 15: After you’ve beaten Rampager you’ll be given access to the vault. Both chests are inside.


This place has the smallest number of chests – only two – but getting one can prove to be quite the hassle.

Chest #1: This is one of the 2 chests that can easily be missed. This chest can only be attained during the ‘Holy Spirits’ Sidequest. You must complete all the objectives of this quest in order to gain access to the room with the chest.

Chest #2: Once you’ve beaten Captain Traunt, go to the area behind where you fought him; the chest is there.


A total of 15 chests can be found across 6 sub-locations. Now that you’ve found the two chests that can easily be mixed, you can collect the others at your own leisure.

Floodmoor Basin

Chest #1: This one can be found during the ‘Guns of Reliance’ main mission. Go to camp reliance, the chest is in a weapon shed.

Chest #2: During the ‘Guns of Reliance’ main mission, you’ll eventually end up in Fort Sunshine. Inside the sawmill, as part of the mission, you’ll have to jump on a stack of logs being transported to the mill. When you’re told to jump down, do so. Fight through the enemies and look for a small room with the chest inside.

Chest #3: In the area where you go to hunt the Chunk Stomp as part of the Legendary Hunt.

The Anvil

Chest #4: This can be found in Central Security. Head upstairs and go inside a vent; take the first right and you’ll stumble across a generator. Turn it on – a yellow cable will get electrified, follow the cable and you’ll see that you now have access to a previously locked room.

Chest #5: During the ‘Target of Opportunity’ Crew Challenge – beat the creature and take the stairs on the right side all the way to the top. You’ll see a room whose interiors are red. The chest is there.

Chest #6: In the room that immediately follows the Warden boss fight; the same place as the Ultramax fast travel point.

Jakobs Estate

Chest #7: During the ‘Witch’s Brew’ side mission you’re given access to a completely new area. In this new area, the chest can be found in the middle of the swamp.

Chest #8: Defeat Billy, the Anointed Goliated in the Theater, and proceed through the level normally, but don’t go all the way to the Grotto! The chest is in the route between the Theater and the Grotto.

Voracious Canopy

Chest #9: Go to the Science Outpost, there will be a two-storied house with moss on the roof. There is a red target on the upper floor that can be seen through the window. You must shoot it, gaining access to the house and the chest.

Chest #10: There is a large building complex, in which you must search for an ammo dump next to meds vending machines. Climb onto the ledge behind them and you’ll spot a red target at the start of a yellow cable; shoot it and follow the cable to your destination.

Chest #11: Near the Bridge of the Jewel fast travel point, a place you can only reach after beating GenIVIV.


Chest #12: Is next to the Crimson Radio that’s hidden in this area. For those who don’t know how to get there, look for a large tower (basically a stack of trailers with a crane on top) and start ascending it from the side. The chest is at the base of the crane.

Chest #13: Fairly inconspicuous, this one can be found in a farm-like area next to a rocket. Look for a wooden stairwell, beneath the stairwell there will be a small gap for you to go through; crouch and go through it to reach the chest.

Chest #14: In Tig’s Big Rig, you must climb onto the crane; the platform is near one of the speakers.

Blackbarrel Cellars

Chest #15: Can be found in the 5th room of the Cellars, on a balcony. In that area, you’ll see a stack of wooden boxes, use them to reach the balcony.


The last 7 Red Chests can be found in this part of the map, strewn across a total of 7 sub-locations. None of these are too particularly difficult to locate.

Desolation’s Edge

Chest #1: During the ‘Homeopathological’ side mission, you’ll be given the directive to open the box of tranquility; this is the chest you’re looking for. As long as you do this mission, you’ll get the Red Chest.

Chest #2: During the ‘Bad Vibrations’ side mission, you’ll be told to use steam to go up onto the Quietus Pike, do so and use the steam to take yourself up to the platform at the top.

Chest #3: You’ll eventually stumble across an area with stone pillars, the area will be bathed in a deep red color. The chest is on top of one of the stone pillars.

Tazendeer Ruins

Chest #4: You’ll come across an area with large trees. The bark of one of these trees will be peeling off, you can jump onto the bark and get to the other side. You’ll see a threshold covered with wood, melee it to get to the other side; the chest is in front.

Chest #5: When you’re doing the Sylestro and Atomic Targets of Opportunity of Challenge, you’ll find the chest in that same area.

The Pyre of Stars

Chest #6: In an area with several stone icons, you’ll start climbing ledges. Instead of going the way you’re supposed to, look to your right and seek out an opening. Once you find it, go to it and you’ll see the chest.

Chest #7: In the Wet Wall Area, to the left side you’ll see a mini-waterfall. Go through the waterfall and you’ll be in the presence of the final Red Chest.