Comanche Developer Confirms No “Pay-to-Win” Microtransactions

Comanche is a classic helicopter simulation game series that was popular during the ’90s. However, it faded away after the release of Comanche 4 in 2001. The series is now making a comeback with the release of Comanche in 2020.

The modern-day take of Comanche is focused on creating an online multiplayer experience shooter which pays homage to the originals but makes drastic changes for the modern era. Speaking of modern-era, multiplayer games in this day and age are plagued with loot boxes and microtransactions, even the latest COD is being accused of using such tactics.

It is a great profit-generating and God knows Comanche needs to make some money to avoid going back to the shelf. So, is the development team going to use loot boxes and microtransactions? No! Speaking with Segementnext THQ Nordic confirmed that there is no predatory monetization model in place.

Comanche is “a fun and balanced multiplayer experience” that comes with no pay2win aspects. The same goes for loot boxes which the developers are against. The random reward system of this nature is not something they support.

There won’t be loot boxes. We will have random rewards, how and in what regard is still a subject to be discussed. It is important to us that those random rewards are not tied to a form of power curves and are not acquirable through microtransactions but simply a part of the gaming experience. We – and also our publisher THQ Nordic does not like loot boxes or any other gambling mechanics in our game. It should be crystal clear what the player spends his or her money on before he or she buys something.

Comanche is releasing on Steam sometime in 2020. The title isn’t available to pre-order for the time being but you can head over to Steam to add it to your wishlist.