Code Vein Ichor Guide – Uses, How to Replenish

Code Vein features Ichor which controls the use of your Gifts in the game. Depending on the Blood Code, you will require different Ichor to use the Gifts that fall under that specific Blood Code. You need to get as much Ichor as you can in the game. Below we have summed up the way for you to collect Ichor.

Code Vein Ichor

Ichor serves as mana in the game, similar to Quicksilver Bullets in Bloodborne and is also used as ammunition for your Bayonet Rifle.

You can replenish Ichor by resting at Mistles, at the cost of returning your stock limit to normal if it has been increased by Gifts.

Farming or replenishing your current Ichor basically occurs during combat and when you hit your enemies with drain attacks. You need to charge your drain attack first before that happens.

You charge it by pressing X or A and then hit the enemy. As you hit them, you will be drawing their Ichor out which in turn is going to fill up the gauge beside your Ichor number and once it fills up, you gain one Ichor.

You hit your enemies with combos time and again so, you can add a draining attack in your combo by pressing R1(Right Bumper)+X(A). Pulling off a parry or back attack also ends up in a Drain Attack which again drains the enemy’s Ichor.

Once again, keep hitting your enemies with drain attacks to drain their ichor and fill up your ichor gauge and once it is filled, you gain one Ichor for your use.

An example of the Gifts obtained in Code Vein is the Ichor Strikes. You obtain the gifts by attaining different Blood Codes. You need to use the game’s XP, Haze in order to unlock the gift that you prefer.

This Ichor Strikes gift can be found in the Hunter Blood Code. Gifts in Code Vein allows the players to perform new abilities like self-healing of themselves and their team and also buffing themselves and debuffing the enemies.

This is all the information available on Ichor currently but be sure to check out later once we update the guide with more info.

Sometimes, you get items that affect your Ichor storage or the number of items that replenish Ichor. We have listed some of those items for you down below:

  • Ichor Concentrate: This is a small vial which is filled with Ichor so you can use it to obtain some of the Ichor.
  • Ichor Coagulant: This item is used for the draining Ichor to be stored inside the body. This item may block the effect of leaking Ichor if it is used before you are attacked.
  • Murasame’s Ichor Blend: A drug made from Murasame’s blood mixed with Lost Ichor. Again this item is used for the storage of more than the normal amount of Ichor.
  • Coco’s Ichor Blend: A drug made from Coco’s blood mixed with Lost Ichor. This item is used for the storage of more than the normal amount of Ichor.

This is all the information that you require on Ichor and this will help you to equip Ichor very easily in the game. Just keep using the Drain Attack on your enemies and you will be filling up your gauge and getting that Ichor.