Last Of Us 2 Multiplayer Will Not Be Happening After All, Says Lead Game Designer

One of the surprisingly good parts in an already amazing game was the original Last Of Us game’s multiplayer, a persistent world where people took on the roles of survivors fighting over supplies in various ruined areas. Unfortunately, The Last Of Us 2 multiplayer is nothing but a pipe dream now.

This is according to lead game designer Emilia Schatz in a recent statement, which ran contrary to another statement published a year ago that said we would have multiplayer in the game. Schatz said that the decision was made in order to focus on the story.

Considering that the draw of The Last Of Us isn’t the multiplayer but instead the story of Ellie and Joel, it didn’t make sense to continue with the Last Of Us 2 multiplayer experience. It’s similar to the 2016 Doom and Wolfenstein reboots, which either had lackluster multiplayer or none at all in what was clearly a single-player experience.

The story of The Last Of Us 2 focuses less on Joel and more on Ellie this time around, as she travels across the ruins of post-apocalyptic America to get revenge on the people that killed her girlfriend, encountering not just new human enemies but old Infected ones as well.

While The Last Of Us 2 multiplayer might have been fun this time around, since it got so much praise in the last game (and even got to the point where you could link it to your Facebook and make survivors in the likeness of you and your friends), story is far more important in games like this.

Regardless of how you feel about the game not having multiplayer this time around though, The Last Of Us 2 will be releasing exclusively on the Playstation 4 on February 21 of 2020. Along with that, The Last Of Us Remastered will be one of October’s Playstation Plus games, available for PS Plus members to download for free.