EA Halts FIFA 20 Players From Reporting Career Mode Issues

FIFA 20 was released earlier this week by Electronic Arts (EA) with a career mode that has uncomforting levels of gameplay-related issues.

In the past few days, millions of players have first-hand experienced an unusual error that reduces difficulty levels for the AI-controlled opposition and has their managers making decisions like an infant. The bug has ruined the career mode for FIFA 20 and it’s not even alone. There are several other issues plaguing the new installment, which the publisher has seemingly grown weary of hearing.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, many players (and supposed FIFA 20 owners) stated that they have been trying to report issues with the career mode but EA has been consistently shutting them down. The first thread that was started was removed by the technical mods for unknown reasons. A second thread was then started that mentioned a number of issues for the publisher to forward to the developer. That was removed as well without giving any reasons.

According to the disgruntled players, the deleted forum threads had no abusive language or toxicity. The reason they were removed, or at least based on assumption, was that the issues affecting the career mode were actually reported during beta runs in the last three years. Players in the hundreds had already pointed out the same bugs and glitches through lengthy feedback but EA never bothered acting on any of them. Hence, why so much anger over the current state of FIFA 20.

There has been no official statement from EA over the treatment of these players who were just trying to get their FIFA 20 fixed. The angrier bunch believes that the career mode issues were put in there intentionally to push more players into Ultimate Team. Whatever the reason may be, trying to censor a crowd never works in this digital age.

EA announced a while ago that the career mode will have a new variable. This change includes the dynamic potential of the player which determines how the professional will perform in the field. On the other hand, players who are about to retire will see their performance worsen. This new variable might be the cause of these issues in career mode. If EA really was aware about the half-baked state, it should never have released the game.