CubeWorld Developer Caught Deleting Critical Threads on Steam

CubeWorld will soon be released on Steam but there is an issue going on that must be addressed, the community feels. The game’s design has changed drastically from what the developer’s originally presented by the development team.

Fans took to Steam forums to discuss the issue and call out the developers. However, all of the threats criticizing the developer for changing CubeWorld were deleted.

Of course, fans didn’t take this well and the situation got worse. The moderator who deleted the posts came out to clarify and said:

I’m sorry that I deleted some of your threads. I’m not used to be a moderator but I just wanted to replace treads with namecalling and harassment.

I hope you take my apologies and I will try to do it better next time.


The statement sounds like there was toxic behavior by some of the people who posted on the CubeWorld forums. The decision to remove these posts seems to be the right one. However, there is just one problem with the statement and what they did, there were no posts that name-called or harassed anyone.

A Steam user posted this fact to reveal that the moderator either made a mistake or just wanted to control the narrative. 0 harassment, just discussing the game’s flaws. 0 harassment, just asking if there could be a buyable version of the alpha alongside the beta. 0 harassment, just asking for feedback on threads mysteriously being locked despite not breaking any Steam rules – but, interestingly, only the critical threads are being locked, not the threads that don’t examine CW critically. 0 harassment, just pointing out the high likelihood that this game will receive some degree of negative reviews on the 30th.
The list goes on and on; these are just from the first ~4 pages of threads. Criticism of the game or its mechanics =/= harassment. Please discontinue censoring reasonable discussions.

CubeWorld Steam moderator is getting some heat from the community, a natural reaction to such tactics.