Code Vein Merchants Locations and Inventory Guide

Merchants in Code Vein are NPCs that you can interact with to buy and sell items. These items can be useful in all sorts of situations such as removing a status infliction or giving buffs. This Merchants Locations Guide lists all the merchants you will encounter through Code Vein and give you an idea of what they have on offer.

Code Vein Merchants Locations

Vendors in Code Vein hold two types of items. Gear can be acquired with Haze and Tradable Items can be exchanged with Trade Points.

Trade Points are used to obtain special items, these can be obtained from random loot, inside chests, or acquired as a reward from completing a quest, dropped by a boss, given by NPCs, or can be purchased from a certain merchant.


This merchant in Code Vein can be found on top of a car back at Home Base. The full inventory is listed below:


Item Price
AntiVenom 100
Anti-Stun 700
Blood Maker 140
Dagger 350
Ichor Coagulant 700
Ichor Concentrate 1000
Vivifier 1000

Tradable Items

Item Trading Points
Antivenom 2
Anti-Stun 2
Anti-Inhibit 10
Coco’s Ichor Blend 10
Stamp: Praise 02 10

Rin Murasame

This merchant in Code Vein can be found at Home Base. She’s at the shop by the huge vault door. She provides weapons, Blood Veils, and can upgrade your gear. Her full inventory is as follows:


Item Price
Heavy Axe 3500
Queenslayer Blade 5000
Blue Hounds 3500
Dark Hounds 3500
Queenslayer Claw 3500
Queenslayer Claw II 3500
Queenslayer Thorn 9000
Queenslayer Thorn II 9000
Rebel Claw 3500
Rebel Thorn 9000
Umber Hounds 3500

Tradable Items

Item Trading Points
Chemical Light 2
Dagger 2
Gesture: Praise 10
Hephaestus Chrome 10
Murasame’s Ichor Blend 10
Vivifier 3

That’s all the information we have on Code Vein merchants as of now. We will update this guide as we find out more so be sure to check back later!