You Don’t Need PS Plus For Death Stranding Online Features

There seems to be some confusion over the Death Stranding’s multiplayer mode. The problem stems from the game’s PS4 Pro Bundle that features a giant PlayStation Plus logo at the bottom left corner.

However, rest assured that the game’s PlayStation Plus logo isn’t something to be concerned about. No need to spend extra dollars on PS Plus subscription as Death Stranding online features won’t require Sony’s Premium subscription.

The entirety of the game can be accessed without the need of PlayStation Plus. The news comes from our eagle-eyed friends at MP1st, who managed to spot what the package actually reads. “Paid-for PlayStation Plus subscription required for online multiplayer. Sold separately. Death Stranding does not require PlayStation Plus subscription”

Death Stranding is a one of a kind game with a one of kind multiplayer system. Its online features are known as Strand systems. The multiplayer mechanics in Death Stranding are somewhat similar to Souls games but still quite different.

If you have seen the gameplay trailers and what Kojima himself has discussed about the game, you’ll know that the main goal is to travel from one part of America to the other. During your journey, you will come across things from other players.

Things such as ropes, ladders, to help you traverse the map and climb hard to reach locations. You can also leave your equipment behind for other players to help them in their journey.

The Strand system in question isn’t something that is limited to items like ropes and ladders, biggers things such as motorbikes, cargo, shelters, and more can be left behind for other players. If you wish to help someone, leave an item behind or if the item isn’t useful to you any more leave behind for someone else to pick up.

If helping others isn’t incentive enough for you, how about getting likes from other players? It is still unclear how this system actually works but there the idea reminds me of Overwatch’s reputation system. At the end of each Overwatch match, players can rate each other’s performance by giving them reputations XP which helps level up their reputation.

Death Stranding’s Strand system might employ a similar design. We’ll know more about this only when the game comes out.

Death Stranding is releasing on PS4 this year and is rumored for PC as well but that’ll probably happen next year.