Nioh 2 Doesn’t Have Multiple Endings, But Does It Matter?

Nioh 2 is one of the games that’s been generating a lot of buzz since E3 and since the launch is getting closer Team Ninja is making more of an effort to promote the game.

What makes Nioh popular is the gameplay design, tough boss fights, and battle mechanics. However, there is an underlying plot that many would like to explore and indulge in.

But the focus of Nioh is its gameplay and interesting bosses so the story always takes the backseat. Due to the nature of the game design, there are no multiple endings. It was the same as the original Nioh.

Still, some hoped that things will be different this time around and developers will introduce branching storylines and multiple endings. Producer and director Fumihiko Yasuda confirmed recently that this isn’t the case.

Speaking with Dengekionline, Yasuda said that while there are no multiple Nioh 2 endings, there are differences in the way characters react.

[Nioh 2] is not multi-ending, but there are some differences in the reaction of military commanders between men and women. In addition, the content of the mission may change due to the actions of the main character, so the game experience will vary considerably depending on how you play.

Nioh 2 is the second installment in the series but it is going down the Devil May Cry road with its story. The second game is actually a prequel to the original game. The lead character of the game is a warlord intent at fighting Yokais.

Nioh is known for its character designs and the second game won’t be any different. The character designs, especially enemies, are inspired by Japanese Folklore. Yokai, a mix of human and horse, is a character from the Japanese Folklore was shown during a recent gameplay demo.

The enemy often comes up on the Hell Scrolls and is part of the plethora of creatures found in the region.

Speaking of the recent demo, the Tokyo Game Show demo was open for fans to try and according to reports, only 5% of people were able to finish it. Casuals!

The demo was an open challenge to the most hardcore Nioh players but all of them fell short of the mark.