You Use An Umbrella To Fast Travel In Death Stranding

Kojima Productions has created a beautiful open-world for you to explore on foot in Death Stranding. However, when traversing the ragged environment becomes too tough, there will be a fast travel option to avail.

During the gameplay demonstration at Tokyo Game Show 2019 earlier in the month, director Hideo Kojima revealed a private room for Sam “Porter” Bridges where players will be spending a lot of time between missions. Here, you can command the Death Stranding protagonist to take a shower, use the toilet, give blood samples, get some sleep, access the armory, and more. There’s so much that you can do in the private room and as Kojima led through all of the available interactive objects, the camera landed on an umbrella hooked to a wall.

Without going into any details, Kojima confirmed that the “umbrella looking thing” can be used for fast travel like in any open-world game. “You can go quite a distance in a short time,” he said, but didn’t mention if the feature is strictly limited to the private room in Death Stranding.

In either case, the confirmation of Death Stranding fast travel should put an end to concerns that you’ll be only walking throughout the campaign. It’s what gave Death Stranding the “walking simulator” nickname in the first place, criticism that Kojima didn’t quite like and hit back recently by saying that people tend to bash things they don’t understand.

Interestingly, the inclusion of fast travel wasn’t actually being kept a secret. The feature was shown in a previously trailer where Fragile suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Questions were raised back then but it’s only now that we realize the importance of the umbrella she was holding. Fragile had used fast travel from a private room to reach Sam on the outside. Kojima, due to his love for movies, has definitely taken inspiration from Mary Poppins over here.

There are many gameplay elements that Kojima has kept vague. For those unaware, there is indeed multiplayer and like Death Stranding fast travel, it too was briefly shown at Tokyo Game Show 2019. You can set up and share the same safe house, place supply crates and ladders, and such. All of these objects will remain in the open-world for other players to use and appreciate. The objects with the least amount of “Likes” will disappear to make space for new ones.

Death Stranding is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019. The debut offering from Kojima Productions was developed within three years by a team of just eighty developers.