Ubisoft Can’t Stop Praising Google Stadia’s Server Capabilities

Ubisoft and Google have developed a strong relationship with Stadia. Ubisoft is bringing some of its most popular AAA games to Google’s video game streaming platform. While many are skeptical of what Google can deliver through Stadia, Ubisoft can’t stop praising the capabilities of this new platform.

Ubisoft believes Google Stadia’s server capabilities will deliver an amazing experience with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Division 2, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Just Dance 2019, and Trial Rising.

Speaking with MCV, EMEA Executive Director Alain Corre discussed Google Stadia’s capabilities to deliver a new generation of games.

We have moved very early on a lot of new technologies in the past, whether it’s the Wii with the Wiimote or the Kinect for example. And we feel that streaming and cloud gaming technologies are bringing something additional to our industry. We like the idea of the consumer having more options to consume games. Whether they consume traditionally by buying a physical game, by downloading, or if they prefer to stream games, it’s giving them new possibilities. And we will attract new categories of players thanks to this.

Some people don’t want to buy a physical machine or physical goods, or people in some countries feel it’s more convenient to stream games – and there are plenty in the world.

So streaming will give us two things. First is the possibility to create different games. With the capacities of the servers in the cloud, we’ll be able to bring a new generation of games in a few years. The servers will help our creators to put more AI into games, more characters, more NPCs. And that will be I think a real disruption.

Ubisoft is one of the “strong supporters of Stadia” because Google is one of the first major companies to enter Cloud Gaming. And Google’s commitment to Cloud Gaming has pushed Sony and Microsoft to step-up their streaming game as well.

Sony and Microsoft are both working on their own streaming platforms. Project xCloud will enter beta later this year. Microsoft is confident that Project xCloud will serve as an entry point to the next generation of gaming.

According to insider Brad Sams, Project xCloud will cost somewhere around $100 but could go as low as $60. The price is highly competitive and will give Google Stadia’s $120 Founder’s Edition a tough time.

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