Will Rocksteady’s Next Batman: Arkham Be Epic Games Store Exclusive?

You’re probably aware that Epic Games Store has landed an exclusive deal to give away the entire Batman: Arkham Collection for free. The generous offer is a way to celebrate eight long decades of the caped crusader. However, the same move also suggests the start of a newfound relationship with Warner Bros. Interactive, something that may have already turned certain gears for what the future holds in the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham franchise.

Rocksteady Studios has been heavily rumored to be planning a new foray into the superhero genre for the better part of the past couple of years. While alleged leakers were all over the place with initial claims of a Superman and then Justice League game, the noise eventually subsided to a final return to Gotham City.

Warner Bros. Interactive was even said to be making an official announcement earlier this year, which fans now hope will take place in the coming months or early next year. In either case, Rocksteady Studios is definitely working on something and all clues point towards the next Batman: Arkham installment.

Fact is that the franchise went dormant with Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015 and the passing years have just made it harder for fans to contain themselves. With further reports of Rocksteady Studios eying next-generation consoles for its unannounced project, it’s not hard to see why a new Batman: Arkham game would make a lot of heads turn at this point.

This is where Epic Games Store swoops in with a seemingly mountain of gold. The digital marketplace of the Fortnite creator has been spending lavishly on exclusive deals left and right. From Metro: Exodus and Borderlands 3 to The Outer Worlds and Shenmue 3. Epic Games Store knows exactly what it wants and the next Batman: Arkham game happens to be ripe for the picking.

It wouldn’t be surprising to know that Warner Bros. Interactive is actually pulling players to Epic Games Store with the free Batman: Arkham Collection. Suffice to say, even those who already own the games on Steam are availing the freebies. Once the publisher is satisfied with the numbers, it can announce the new Batman: Arkham game to be releasing as an Epic Games Store exclusive. There’s likely to be a lot of flak but so was for Borderlands 3 and that installment has been doing incredibly well. At the end of the day, only sales matter and Epic Games Store has a lot of evidence to convince Warner Bros. Interactive with.

However, the deal will most probably be timed exclusive, meaning that the next Batman: Arkham installment will land on Steam perhaps six months after launching on Epic Games Store. Keep in mind that Warner Bros. Interactive will be publishing Cyberpunk 2077 in North America next year. CD Projekt Red has always maintained a stance against such timed exclusive shenanigans. If Warner Bros. Interactive wants a taste of Epic Games Store, there’s no other game on its docket other than the yet-to-be announced Batman: Arkham.

There’s also one more thing that makes the new Batman: Arkham release special enough to catch the attention of Epic Games Store. The installment is said to be based on Court of Owls, a magnificent comic book series penned by Scott Snyder. The eponymous organized crime syndicate has been controlling Gotham City from the shadows for centuries. Their sudden return almost made the Dark Knight meet death in the source material. A Batman: Arkham featuring the Court of Owls as the chief antagonists? Any comic book fan would gladly head over to Epic Games Store on day one.