Gearbox Doesn’t Like Players Farming Loot

Farming loot in Borderlands 3? Well, it isn’t something Gearbox likes and won’t have it. Borderlands 3 had a loot exploit that allowed players to get extra loot and XP to level up, get better gear.

However, Gearbox developers are on the case and have released a hotfix to nip it in the bud. This is the first major hotfix for Gearbox’s new update for all platforms. Hotfixes are smaller updates that deal with issues on priority bases.

The development team released a new fix earlier today that deals with the Borderlands 3 loot farming exploit that relied on farming Loot Tinks at a certain area of the game.

There are other balancer changes including a nerf for the Torgue Shotgun, sticky damage, and cutting down the amount of loot Chupacabratch drops.

Bug fixes

  • Yellow paint has been added to Ambermire to mark a more obvious path to complete the Sabotage Crew Challenge.
  • The New-U Station in front of the Halcyon Suborbital Spaceport (used during the “Space-Laser Tag” Mission) in the Meridian
  • Metroplex now has a larger activation range.
  • The New-U Station in front of Titian’s Gate (used during the “Atlas, At Last” Mission) in the Meridian Metroplex now has a larger activation range.
  • The first Guardian a player runs into during the “Beneath the Meridian” mission is no longer over-leveled.
  • The Eridian chest by the Grotto in the Jakob’s Estate is no longer invisible.


  • Eridium crystals in Voracious Canopy grow less frequently.
  • Scaled-down the number of loot drops in Mayhem Mode.
  • Torgue shotgun sticky damage has been reduced.
  • Reduced E-Tech shotgun elemental damage from “flesh off your bones” to “a lot”.
  • Chupacabratch dropped too much of his hard-earned loot.
  • Adjusted spawn rate of Loot Tinks in Mansion. They’re special again.
  • Removed pain-sounds from Troy for his boss fight.

The fix deals with what made the game a bit easier but not all is lost here. You can check out our Ambermire Challenges, Mayhem Mode, Anointed Weapons and Gear guide.