Here is a Quick, Easy and Legal Way to Farm Legendaries in Borderlands 3

In any looter-shooter game, getting the best loot is important, and in Borderlands 3 that’s no different. However, right now a YouTuber named RawJ has uncovered a quick, easy, and farmable way to get legendaries in Borderlands 3, and it’s a fairly simple method that you can repeat over and over, too.

In order to make the best use of this grinding, players will have to make their way to the planet Athenas and fight the Chupacabrotch, a minibhoss that has a very large loot pool and who is fairly easy to boot. Killing it will likely net you a legendary weapon.

There’s also a New U station very close to where the Chupacabrotch spawns, so all you have to do is make your way past the various enemies that are already there and make it to the Chupacabrotch’s lair and kill it.

According to RawJ, he was able to get a large number of different legendary weapons within half an hour of grinding this same boss for legendary weapons in Borderlands 3, and with the Chupacabrotch’s large loot pool there’s no telling how many weapons you can get at a single pop.

With the millions of different guns that Gearbox has said you can pick up in the game, it fits that you should be able to pick up as many different guns as you want, even beyond all of the legendaries in Borderlands 3 that you can get.

If you were looking for a good way to get more legendaries in Borderlands 3, you should probably do your best to try and use this farming method while it exists, since it’s possible Gearbox will patch this out when they discover it.

If you want a more in-depth walkthrough you can find RawJ’s official thing by following this link. Otherwise, good luck on your farming efforts.