We Can Expect New Elden Ring Details at Brazil Game Show

We might be getting new Elden Ring details at the new Brazil Game Show, a new gaming event that Hidetaka Miyazaki of From Software has been invited to to attend the opening ceremonies. While nothing’s confirmed yet, hopefully Elden Ring will be featured at the show and we’ll get a new trailer.

In addition to attending the opening ceremony, Miyazaki will also be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award and will be added to the show’s Wall of Fame in recognition for his various gaming achievements over the past few years.

While Elden Ring was first announced at E3 2019, we haven’t gotten any sort of gameplay or any other sort of information about the game since then, despite various rumors that the game would be at Gamescom. The Brazil Game Show is likely the next big chance that we’ll have to see something from it.

The Tokyo Game Show also passed by without giving us any hint of Elden Ring, which is all the more interesting because From Software is a Japanese studio. This likely means that either From Software is keeping new Elden Ring details a big secret, or the game is just not ready to be further shown.

We’ve gotten a few details about it before, like how it will be an open-world game and how George R. R. Martin is helping with the worldbuilding, but considering the game was first discovered in the coding of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (which had a prototype name for Elden Ring embedded in it), one would think they’d be farther along.

If there’s no new Elden Ring details at the Brazil Game Show, that might mean that we’ll have to wait until either the Game Awards themselves in December, or next E3 to be shown anything about the game at all. We’ll just have to wait for the Brazil Game Show to see. The show happens on October 9 and 10.