Football Manager Believes That It’s Not Right To Continue Throwing Games In A Plastic Box

At Sports Interactive, they are in agreement with the environment, and that is why they have presented a new version of the physical packaging of Football Manager 2020 that is made of recycled cardboard and with which they intend to bind the fans with the environment.

They have done so with the presentation of what will be the new packaging of the franchise as of now, one consisting of recycled cardboard box and printed with vegetable ink, which replace the old plastic box mechanisms.

Football Manager 2020 studio director Miles Jacobson made the following statements.

It looks just as good and has less plastic and therefore less impact on the environment. It would be foolish not to get rid of the plastic format.

Due to climate change, we have decided that from now on we will distribute our games in the most respectful way possible with the environment. For this purpose we have worked with our SEGA editor’s colleagues to develop a new box style, which replaces the old plastic one with a new support made from 100% recycled cardboard printed with vegetable ink and sealed with a 100% recyclable retractable closure.

Of course, this new configuration is more expensive than the traditional box, in fact it is around 30% more expensive, but we believe it is a price that is worth pay. I would ask anyone who is involved in the development, creation or production of plastic containers in any of the entertainment industries to pay attention to the many ecological options available, take on the additional expense and make the change.

However, it means savings, distribution costs and the amount of fuel used are reduced, since it is lighter than standard packaging. Destruction costs are cheaper, since the box can be recycled instead of being disposed of in the landfill. But there is still a small impact on the final result, which we believe is a price worth paying to help secure the future of the planet.

Shortly after announcing that Football Manager 2019 had reached a million-dollar sales, Sega presented the new installment of this renowned football management series with the promise of incorporating new game mechanics that add “freshness and authenticity” to the experience proposed by Football Manager 2020.

Till date, as mentioned above, Football Manager 2019 is a very successful title. The ratings received looks good and if Sports Interactive continue to improve the game, this might become one of the most popular games among PC players and maybe even expand to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As usual in recent deliveries, Football Manager 2020 Touch will arrive in November, also for Nintendo Switch, a proposal focused on the main elements of the management title: team creation, tactics and game day. They have also confirmed FM Mobile and mobile users across the globe are currently enjoying the current mobile version.

I remind you that Football Manager 2020 is a soccer/football game developed by Sports Interactive and distributed by SEGA. The release date is November 2019.