The Success Of Gears 5 On Xbox One And Windows Is Not Replicated On Steam

Gears 5 is currently being a massive success on Xbox One and Windows 10. Why hasn’t the success been replicated on Steam?

The Coalition‘s game currently has 5,824 users connected to the game, with a maximum peak of 10,196, which leaves it below games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, No Man’s Sky or Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, and well below the figures of the great leaders of the online game on Steam as DOTA 2 (with 604,134 players now), Counter-Strike: GO (580,943 users) or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (with 507,943).

Will it be a new trend in the Microsoft exclusive market and will the same thing happen to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam? We will have to wait for the premiere of the Halo compilation on PC to know.

Microsoft also just announced that its fantastic Gears 5 has managed to attract more than three million players during its first weekend, which makes it the most successful launch of Microsoft in the present generation of consoles, also setting a new record in the Xbox Game Pass service.

To get an idea of ​​the huge success of the video game, Xbox Game Studios has highlighted that in its first weekend the number of players who enjoyed Gears of War 4 has doubled.

Obviously the presence of Gears 5 on Xbox Game Pass has contributed to register such significant data, because Kai’s adventure has even exceeded the record of players in the launch weekend that since 2012 was held by Halo 4. This figure includes the four days of early access enjoyed by the game in its Ultimate Edition.

It has surpassed the record of players in its first weekend that Halo 4 held since 2012.

Other very good news for The Coalition and its recently released Gears 5, as we can see through the official website of the Xbox Store, the fifth numerical installment of the Gears of War saga has managed to rise as the most popular platform game beating the everlasting Fortnite along the way.

More specifically, it has been achieved by Gears 5: Ultimate Edition, which among other incentives gave early access to the third-person shooter, although the standard version of Microsoft’s exclusive video game is in third position surpassing other titans like FIFA 19 and GTA V on Xbox One.

This dethronement may have something to do with the remarkable reception of critics who have valued the great quality of the mechanics of action and shooting of the game.

A few days after the arrival of the early access of Gears 5, the enthusiasm of the enthusiasts who analyze even the smallest detail became noticeable from the first moment and one of them found a glitch that can be used to place the camera in a first-person perspective.

A user discovered an error in the settings of the Gears 5 camera that allowed him to play like this for a few moments, which if it were an FPS gives an idea of ​​what a successful franchise proposal would look like from there.

Obviously, being a glitch, there are some details that are not as pleasant to look at, as the visual errors in some weapons under this perspective, however, the community has celebrated the finding and some consider it would be a good idea for Gears of War.

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I remind you that The Coalition’s Gears 5 officially released on September 10.