Sci-Fi RPG Everreach Is “Too Demanding” For Switch, Port Unlikely

If Nintendo Switch can run The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, what can’t it handle? Well, it seems Everreach is “too demanding” for Switch hardware.

Nintendo Switch, according to Everreach developers, won’t be able to handle Everreach. The game could prove to be too demanding for Switch hardware.

The game runs fine on a midrange PC but it would be too demanding for the Nintendo Switch. For this reason, a Switch port is not likely.

Switch’s custom TEGRA chip is underpowered but the release of The Witcher 3 proves that it still has more sauce under the hood than most think.

Hardware power is important to Headup which is why is also expects next-generation hardware to be top-notch. According to Headup, they need more powerful hardware to do more with their games.

stronger hardware so it becomes possible to do even more with our games. Everreachlooks great in native 4k, for example, but at the moment this is a privilege for high-end PC users

But there is more to next-generation than just hardware power. The gaming landscape is changing thanks to the arrival of streaming platforms such as Google Stadia so the development process will have to adjust accordingly. Even Sony and Microsoft are working on their own streaming services for next-generation. Headup says streaming platforms must make sure they avoid lag, latency, and bring an overall smooth experience to the players.

they need to keep input lag and other noticeable technical limitations to a minimum, but I believe that in the end, it all comes down to
what titles will be released on each of those platforms

Everreach is releasing on consoles and PC sometime this Fall.