Modern Warfare Players Vote Against Skill-Based Matchmaking

You can criticise a lot of things in Modern Warfare but picking apart the skill-based matchmaking feature probably takes the cake.

Even before the beta began, players were rushing in hordes to provide feedback. The return of Captain Price has everyone gleaming with excitement and Infinity Ward has shown great flexibility by encouraging the community to bring forth their requests for potential improvements. The asking, though, has blurred the lines between valid and invalid criticism.

Since earlier today, some of the most voted threads on Reddit are the ones that campaign against having skill-based matchmaking in Modern Warfare.

The argument put forward by players is that the Call of Duty franchise has always been about casual gameplay and Modern Warfare rightfully “deserves” to receive the same treatment. Anyone interested in being competitive should be given ranked lobbies. For the rest of the modes, though, Modern Warfare should drop skill-based matchmaking because pitting balanced teams against each other will only remove the fun element from every match.

The argument further insinuates that it’s perfectly fine to have a team get crushed online because they are going to get the same opportunity when they match against a less skilled team. However, if there’s skill-based matchmaking, every team will need to perform to their maximum and there would be no room for mistakes. Basically, an unbalanced system where you sometimes get matched with people better than you and other times, worse than you.

The idea is so bizarre that it may as well be satire, but it’s not. There’s a noticeable voice from within the community that wants skill-based matchmaking to be restricted to just ranked lobbies in Modern Warfare.

Infinity Ward hasn’t responded to the request but it’s unlikely that the developer will even entertain the idea. It’s because when these same players get frequently stomped online, they are most probably going to lash out at the matchmaking — a kind of catch 22 situation for Infinity Ward right now.

Besides the skill-based matchmaking dilemma, Infinity Ward has been pretty busy in solving the minimap problem. Yesterday, communications manager Ashton Williams noted that the developer will wait until the beta is over to find a definitive solution. Whether the minimap stays or not, and if it stays then it what capacity? — the community has been giving its feedback on this as well.

Modern Warfare is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019.