Why Is No One Talking About Borderlands 3’s Horrendous Performance Mode

Borderlands 3’s performance mode on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X is horrendous. One of the major features this time around in Borderlands is the ability to choose between performance and visual modes on upgraded consoles.

Due to the horrible optimization by Gearbox Softworks, choosing between the two is becoming a major issue. The resolution mode locks the game at 30FPS for better visual clarity while performance mode brings the frame rate up to 60FPS by compromising visual performance.

Digital Foundry did an in-depth analysis of Borderlands 3 and came up with some concerning results. Both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro runs at 3200×1800 in resolution mode and 1080p in performance mode. The game runs pretty similarly on both machines but the Xbox One X has lower anisotropic filtering. Meanwhile, the performance mode is nothing short of a disaster on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Xbox One X takes a 10FPS hit on the performance mode during combat, only being able to manage 60FPS in less hectic situations.

The testing was also able to confirm issues with frame rate pacing, stutters, and other issues.

These problems aren’t exclusive to Xbox One X. Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro suffers from pretty much the same problems across the board. However, the weaker CPU causes more severe issues when running Borderlands 3 on PS4 Pro. The frame rate inconsistencies, drops, and stutters eventually led Digital Foundry to recommend players avoid the performance mode on PS4 Pro.

While the optimization is bad enough, what’s worse is parts of the media trying to blame it on gamers. Polygon recently ran an article which suggests the writer has some issues with Steam and PC gamers in general. Mind you this is the same “gaming” website that couldn’t play Doom. Since Epic Games Store doesn’t have basic features including forums and comments, PC gamers took to Steam to raise their voice and warn potential buyers.

PC gamers took to Steam’s Borderlands 2 forums to complain about Borderlands 3 horrible performance on PC. Yes, the game doesn’t work properly on PC as well.